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Writeups and scripts for PACTF 2017 challenges
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PACTF 2017 Writeups

This is a collection of my writeups for the challenges I have completed in PACTF 2017. I am not a student studying infocomm security. I am just doing this as a hobby and a means to learn Python and Shell scripting. With this, please do not expect my solutions to be the most elegant. Feedback is greatly appreciated too.

Round 1: Bartik

Challenges Points Remarks
Et tu, Brute? 5
Welcome to PACTF! 10
Whence I Came 10
1597463007 15
Substitute Teacher 25
Dinosaur Never-forget System 30
CT S(C)AN 35
Think of the Cube 35
Dinosaur Never-forget System (Continued) 40
MegaEncryption (TM) 40
Authorization of Time 55
ETA? 60 Unsolved
Haystack 60
What 3 Words 60
Visual Words 70 Unsolved
Bitesized 80 Unsolved
RSA256 80

Files and failed scripts for Round 1 unsolved challenges

Round 2: Boole

Challenges Points Remarks
Exploring the Binary!!! 10
Time Travel 20 Unsolved
XOR 1 20
Impossible Conditions 30 Unsolved
Zeroes and Ones 30
Open Sourcery 2 40 Unsolved
PACTF DRM 40 Unsolved
Quantum Theory 40 Unsolved
Remember md5? 40
XOR 2 40
Hash Killer 60
Synesthesia 60
The Gamble -20 Unsolved

Files and failed scripts for Round 2 unsolved challenges

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