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Originally intended to be a BASIC port to JavaScript of the 1978 version of Oregon Trail, I've dropped the JavaScript port idea after getting the BASIC version working on Chipmunk Basic because it really is mostly text. Unlike Lemonade Stand, there are no graphics, no formatting of text, no sounds (although a few are hinted at in the REM comments), and it doesn't teach one anything about Applesoft BASIC, which was my point in doing this.

Anyway, the PDF of the magazine with the original 1978 souce code is included.

source.bas - my transcription of the PDF into a text file, with no alterations whatever (I even left in at least one formatting mistake from the original code). As far as I could make it, it is character for character exactly like the original source. Which only would run on a CDC Cyber's version of BASIC.

chipmunk.bas - is the version of it I altered, very minimally, so that it runs in Chipmunk Basic, a very ANSI compliant version of BASIC available for the three major PC platforms (Windows, MacOS X, and Linux, even RasPi apparently). I won't say it's bug free, but it seems to work pretty well.

Interestingly, the original O.T. had no graphics, and no dysentery, so if you remember any of that (which I do), you didn't play the original.


Intended to be a BASIC port to JavaScript of the 1978 version of Oregon Trail




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