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Saphirion's R3-GUI source code mainline

We are going to push some of our stuff to Github. This is intended so that people from the community can use and enhance our stuff and submit pull-requests to us. Those pull-requests will be reviewed by the Saphirion team, and if accepted, the changes are merged into our main line.

So, it will be included in our next official release and published via our web-site (


INCLUDE ( is needed to run %loader.r3 or build.r3

Cyphre's opinion is that the most efficient way (in Windows) is to setup INCLUDE+R3-GUI loader to be executed everytime you click on *.r3 script. He is using that and every change to the R3GUI sources is then automatically "propagated" once he runs any R3GUI script again. The instructions how to set this up are in the include documentation article.

R3-GUI documentation can be found at