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A simple Backbone lightbox component. Need to put a form, or some other custom content into a popup overlay? Just use this lightweight lightbox backbone component (basically just a view).

HTML Template

Make sure to swap in your template compiling and loading method in lightbox.js. The way its coded right now will always compile the template and also look for it within the page.

Render lightbox


    var Backbone = require("backbone");
    var Lightbox = require("path/to/lightbox");

    // We want to render this email form within the lightbox
    var EmailFormView = require("content/within/lightbox");
    var ContactView = Backbone.View.extend({

        template: "YourTemplate.handlebars",

        initialize: function(options) {
            // init logic here

        events: {
            "click .email-form": "showForm"

        render: function() {
            // render logic

            return this;

        showForm: function(event) {
            this.emailForm = new EmailFormView();

            this.lightbox = new Lightbox({
                content: this.emailForm.render().el

            // Calling render will show the popup


    return ContactView;