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SQLi-Hunter is a simple HTTP/HTTPS proxy server and a SQLMAP API wrapper that makes digging SQLi easy.

0x0 Installation

Using Docker

  • Build the Docker image:
docker build -t sqli-hunter
  • Run the Docker image:
docker run -ti -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -v /tmp:/tmp --rm sqli-hunter --host=

The volume argument allows SQLi-Hunter to persist output files to be accessed on the host system. The port mapping argument will enable SQLi-Hunter to start a proxy server and a reverse SSL proxy server to be accessed on the host system.

  • Install CA (cert/sqli-hunter.pem) on the device you want to test
  • Setup proxy (port 8080) in the browser and you are ready to go.

From source

  • Build from the latest release of the source code:
git clone
git clone
cd sqli-hunter
gem install bundler
bundler install
  • Start SQLMAP API server manually.
python -s
  • Run SQLi-Hunter
ruby bin/sqli-hunter.rb
  • Configure proxy server settings in your browser

0x1 Usage

  _____ _____ __    _     _____         _
  |   __|     |  |  |_|___|  |  |_ _ ___| |_ ___ ___
  |__   |  |  |  |__| |___|     | | |   |  _| -_|  _|
  |_____|__  _|_____|_|   |__|__|___|_|_|_| |___|_|

      SQLMAP API wrapper by ztz (

  Usage: bin/sqli-hunter.rb [options]

Common options:
    -h, --host=[HOST]                Bind host for proxy server (default is localhost)
    -p, --port=<PORT>                Bind port for proxy server (default is 8080)
        --sqlmap-host=[HOST]         Host for sqlmap api (default is localhost)
        --sqlmap-port=[PORT]         Port for sqlmap api (default is 8775)
        --targeted-hosts=[HOSTS]     Targeted hosts split by comma (default is all)
        --version                    Display version

SQLMAP options
        --technique=[TECH]           SQL injection techniques to use (default "BEUSTQ")
        --threads=[THREADS]          Max number of concurrent HTTP(s) requests (default 5)
        --dbms=[DBMS]                Force back-end DBMS to this value
        --os=[OS]                    Force back-end DBMS operating system to this value
        --tamper=[TAMPER]            Use given script(s) for tampering injection data
        --level=[LEVEL]              Level of tests to perform (1-5, default 1)
        --risk=[RISK]                Risk of tests to perform (0-3, default 1)
        --mobile                     Imitate smartphone through HTTP User-Agent header
        --smart                      Conduct through tests only if positive heuristic(s)
        --random-agent               Use randomly selected HTTP User-Agent header value


➜  sqli-hunter git:(master) ruby bin/sqli-hunter.rb --threads=15 --random-agent --smart
  [01:50:17] [INFO] [bdf9f3495bb70fbc] task created
  [01:50:17] [INFO] [bdf9f3495bb70fbc] task started
  [01:50:20] [INFO] [bdf9f3495bb70fbc] task finished
  [01:50:20][SUCCESS] [bdf9f3495bb70fbc] task vulnerable, use 'sqlmap -r /var/folders/kb/rwf8j7051x71q4flc_s39wzm0000gn/T/d20191021-40013-17a62ve/5f8a3ad452a15777219b8a5c8c7ec3b6' to exploit


SQLi-Hunter is a simple HTTP / HTTPS proxy server and a SQLMAP API wrapper that makes digging SQLi easy.




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