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;; Copyright (c) Zachary Tellman. All rights reserved.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;; the terms of this license.
;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns penumbra.opengl.frame-buffer
(:use [penumbra.opengl core]
[penumbra.opengl.shader :only [uniform-location]]
[clojure.contrib.def :only [defn-memo]]
[clojure.contrib.seq :only [indexed]])
(require [penumbra.opengl.texture :as tex])
(:import [org.lwjgl BufferUtils]))
;;Render Buffers
(gl-import- glGenRenderbuffersEXT gl-gen-render-buffers)
(gl-import- glBindRenderbufferEXT gl-bind-render-buffer)
(gl-import- glRenderbufferStorageEXT gl-render-buffer-storage)
(gl-import- glFramebufferRenderbufferEXT gl-frame-buffer-render-buffer)
(gl-import- glDeleteRenderbuffersEXT gl-delete-render-buffers)
(defn gen-render-buffer
"Creates a render buffer."
(let [buf (BufferUtils/createIntBuffer 1)]
(gl-gen-render-buffers buf)
(.get buf 0)))
(defn delete-render-buffer
(gl-delete-render-buffers (-> (BufferUtils/createIntBuffer 1) (.put (int-array [rb])) .rewind)))
(defn bind-render-buffer
"Binds a render buffer."
(gl-bind-render-buffer :renderbuffer rb))
(defn attach-depth-buffer
"Attaches a depth buffer to the currently bound render buffer."
(attach-depth-buffer (gen-render-buffer) dim))
([rb dim]
(let [dim (vec dim)]
(bind-render-buffer rb)
(gl-render-buffer-storage :renderbuffer :depth-component24 (dim 0) (dim 1))
(gl-frame-buffer-render-buffer :framebuffer :depth-attachment :renderbuffer rb))))
(defmacro with-depth-buffer [dim & body]
`(let [rb# (gen-render-buffer)]
(attach-depth-buffer rb# ~dim)
(delete-render-buffer rb#)))))
;;Frame Buffers
(gl-import- glGenFramebuffersEXT gl-gen-frame-buffers)
(gl-import- glBindFramebufferEXT gl-bind-frame-buffer)
(gl-import- glCheckFramebufferStatusEXT gl-check-frame-buffer-status)
(gl-import- glDeleteFramebuffersEXT gl-delete-frame-buffers)
(gl-import- glFramebufferTextureEXT gl-frame-buffer-texture)
(gl-import- glFramebufferTexture2DEXT gl-frame-buffer-texture-2d)
(gl-import- glFramebufferTexture3DEXT gl-frame-buffer-texture-3d)
(gl-import- glFramebufferTextureLayerEXT gl-frame-buffer-texture-layer)
(gl-import- glDrawBuffers gl-draw-buffers)
(gl-import- glDrawBuffer draw-buffer)
(gl-import- glReadBuffer gl-read-buffer)
(gl-import- glBindTexture gl-bind-texture)
(gl-import- glUniform1i gl-uniform-1i)
(gl-import glReadPixels gl-read-pixels)
(gl-import glGetTexImage gl-get-tex-image)
(gl-import glActiveTexture gl-active-texture)
(defn gen-frame-buffer
"Creates a single frame buffer object."
(let [buf (BufferUtils/createIntBuffer 1)]
(gl-gen-frame-buffers buf)
(.get buf 0)))
(defn destroy-frame-buffer
"Destroys a single frame buffer object."
(gl-delete-frame-buffers (-> (BufferUtils/createIntBuffer 1) (.put (int-array [fb])) .rewind)))
(defn bind-frame-buffer
"Binds a frame buffer object."
(gl-bind-frame-buffer :framebuffer fb))
(defn frame-buffer-ok?
"Checks whether the current frame buffer object has valid attachments."
(let [status (gl-check-frame-buffer-status :framebuffer)]
(when-not (= status (enum :framebuffer-complete))
(throw (Exception. (str "Invalid framebuffer: " (enum-name status)))))
(defn-memo texture-lookup
"Given n, returns integer value of GL_TEXTURE(n)"
(enum (keyword (str "texture" point))))
(defn-memo attachment-lookup [point]
(enum (keyword (str "color-attachment" point))))
(defn attach
"Attaches a texture to point n."
[tex point]
(let [p (attachment-lookup point)]
(if (nil? tex)
(gl-frame-buffer-texture-2d :framebuffer p :texture-rectangle 0 0)
(condp = (count (tex/dim tex))
2 (gl-frame-buffer-texture-2d :framebuffer p (tex/target tex) (tex/id tex) 0)
3 (if (nil? *z-offset*)
(if *layered-target?*
(gl-frame-buffer-texture :framebuffer p (tex/id tex) 0)
(throw (Exception. "A layered render target must have a z-offset defined.")))
(condp = (tex/target tex)
(enum :texture-3d)
(gl-frame-buffer-texture-3d :framebuffer p (tex/target tex) (tex/id tex) 0 *z-offset*))
(enum :texture-2d-array)
(gl-frame-buffer-texture-2d :framebuffer p (tex/target tex) (tex/id tex) 0)
(gl-frame-buffer-texture-layer :framebuffer p (tex/id tex) 0 *z-offset*))))))))
(defn bind-read
"Binds a texture as a uniform variable to point n."
[variable tex point]
(let [loc (uniform-location variable)]
(gl-active-texture (texture-lookup point))
(gl-bind-texture (tex/target tex) (tex/id tex))
(gl-uniform-1i loc point)))
(defn bind-write
"Defines which textures will be written to, where textures are defined by their attachmennt points."
[start end]
(let [buffers (int-array (map attachment-lookup (range start end)))]
(gl-draw-buffers (-> (BufferUtils/createIntBuffer (count buffers)) (.put buffers) .rewind))))
(defn attach-textures
"Attaches read and write textures, where read textures are a hash with names as keys, and write textures are a standard seq."
[read write]
(let [read-textures (map last (partition 2 read))]
(doseq [[idx tex] (indexed write)]
(attach tex idx))
(when-not (empty? write)
(doseq [idx (range (count write) 8)]
(attach nil idx))) ;;shouldn't this be unnecessary?
(doseq [[idx [vr tex]] (indexed (partition 2 read))]
(bind-read vr tex idx))
(when-not (empty? write)
(bind-write 0 (count write)))))
(defn with-frame-buffer
"Renders anything within the inner scope to a frame buffer."
(if *frame-buffer*
(let [fb (gen-frame-buffer)]
(binding [*frame-buffer* fb]
(bind-frame-buffer fb)
(bind-frame-buffer 0)
(destroy-frame-buffer fb)))))))
(defn with-saved-frame-buffer
[fb f]
(binding [*frame-buffer* fb]
(bind-frame-buffer fb)
(bind-frame-buffer 0)))))
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