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; Copyright (c) Zachary Tellman. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns penumbra.opengl.geometry)
(import '( GL)
'( GLU))
(use 'penumbra.opengl.core 'clojure.contrib.def)
(def transform-matrix (atom nil))
(defn identity-matrix []
[1 0 0 0
0 1 0 0
0 0 1 0
0 0 0 1])
(defn translation-matrix [x y z]
[1 0 0 x
0 1 0 y
0 0 1 z
0 0 0 1])
(defn scaling-matrix [x y z]
[x 0 0 0
0 y 0 0
0 0 z 0
0 0 0 1])
(defn rotation-matrix [theta x y z]
(let [s (Math/sin (* Math/PI (/ theta 180)))
c (Math/cos (* Math/PI (/ theta 180)))
t (- 1 c)]
[(+ c (* t x x)) (- (* t x y) (* s z)) (+ (* t x z) (* s y)) 0
(+ (* t x y) (* s z)) (+ (* t y y) c) (- (* t y z) (* s x)) 0
(- (* t x z) (* s y)) (+ (* t y z) (* s x)) (+ (* t z z) c) 0
0 0 0 1]))
(defn index [m i j] (m (+ i (* j 4))))
(defn mult-matrix [a b]
(let [indices (for [i (range 4) j (range 4)] [i j])
traverse (fn [[i j]] (apply + (map #(* (index a % i) (index b j %)) (range 4))))]
(vec (map traverse indices))))
(defn apply-matrix [m v]
(let [traverse-fn (fn [i] #(* (v %) (index m % i)))]
(map #(apply + (map (traverse-fn %) (range 4))) (range 4))))
(defn- prepend [text sym] (symbol (format "%s-%s" text (name sym))))
(defmacro- gl-facade-import
"Takes an OpenGL function and turns it into two macros:
- a macro which behaves differently if we're inside a glBegin/End clause (glVertex3d -> vertex)
- a macro which directly calls the OpenGL function (glVertex3d -> gl-vertex)"
[import-from import-as]
(let [facade-fn (prepend "facade" import-as)
direct-fn (prepend "gl" import-as)]
(defmacro ~import-as [& a#]
`(if inside-begin-end
(~'~facade-fn ~@a#)
(. *gl* ~'~import-from ~@a#)))
(defmacro ~direct-fn [& b#]
`(. *gl* ~'~import-from ~@b#)))))
(gl-facade-import glVertex3d vertex)
(gl-facade-import glNormal3d normal)
(gl-facade-import glRotated rotate)
(gl-facade-import glTranslated translate)
(gl-facade-import glScaled scale)
(gl-facade-import glLoadIdentity load-identity)
(defmacro- facade-transform
"Forwards the transformed vector from fn to the OpenGL function fn represents."
[fn transform-fn]
(let [facade-fn (prepend "facade" fn)
direct-fn (prepend "gl" fn)]
`(defn ~facade-fn [x# y# z#]
(let [[xp# yp# zp# wp#] (apply-matrix (~transform-fn @transform-matrix) [x# y# z# 1])]
(~direct-fn xp# yp# zp#)))))
(defn- undo-translation [matrix] (vec (concat (subvec matrix 0 12) [0 0 0 0]))) ;we don't want to translate normals
(facade-transform vertex identity)
(facade-transform normal undo-translation)
(defn apply-transform
[matrix transform-fn]
(swap! transform-matrix transform-fn matrix))
(defmacro- facade-multiply
"Applies a transform to transform-matrix rather than the OpenGL modelview matrix."
([fn matrix-fn] `(facade-multiply ~fn ~matrix-fn mult-matrix))
([fn matrix-fn transform-fn]
(let [facade-fn (prepend "facade" fn)]
`(defmacro ~facade-fn [& args#]
`(apply-transform (~'~matrix-fn ~@args#) ~'~transform-fn)))))
(facade-multiply rotate rotation-matrix)
(facade-multiply scale scaling-matrix)
(facade-multiply translate translation-matrix)
(facade-multiply load-identity identity-matrix #(%2)) ;Note: this only resets transformations local to the begin/end clause
(defmacro- defn-draw
"Creates a macro called draw-'type' which redirects vertex and transform calls through appropriate facades."
`(defmacro ~(symbol (str "draw-" (name primitive-type))) [& body#]
`(binding [inside-begin-end true
transform-matrix (atom (identity-matrix))]
(gl-begin ~'~(translate-keyword primitive-type))
(defn-draw :quads)
(defn-draw :line-strip)
(defn-draw :lines)
(defn-draw :triangle-strip)
(defn-draw :triangle-fan)
(defn-draw :quad-strip)
(defn-draw :triangles)
(defn-draw :polygon)
(defn-draw :line-loop)
(defn-draw :points)
(gl-import glCallList gl-call-list)
(gl-import glGenLists gl-gen-lists)
(gl-import glNewList gl-new-list)
(gl-import glEndList gl-end-list)
(gl-import glDeleteLists gl-delete-lists)
(gl-import glIsList gl-is-list)
(defmacro push-matrix [& body]
`(binding [transform-matrix (if inside-begin-end (atom @transform-matrix) transform-matrix)]
(if (not inside-begin-end) (gl-push-matrix))
(if (not inside-begin-end) (gl-pop-matrix))))
(defmacro get-display-list [& body]
`(let [list# (gl-gen-lists 1)]
(gl-new-list list# :compile)
(defmacro set-display-list
"Points list-atom to a new list, and deletes the list it was previous pointing to."
[list-atom & body]
`(let [list# (get-display-list ~@body)]
(if (is-display-list (deref ~list-atom)) (delete-display-list (deref ~list-atom)))
(reset! ~list-atom list#)))
(defn is-display-list [display-list]
(not (nil? display-list))
(gl-is-list display-list)))
(defn delete-display-list [display-list]
(gl-delete-lists display-list 1))
(defn call-display-list [display-list]
(gl-call-list display-list))
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