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; Copyright (c) Zachary Tellman. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns penumbra.opengl.view)
(use 'penumbra.opengl.core 'penumbra.opengl.geometry)
(import '(java.awt Font)
'(com.sun.opengl.util.j2d TextRenderer))
(def view-bounds (ref [0 0 0 0]))
(gl-import glColor3d color)
(gl-import glOrtho gl-ortho)
(glu-import gluPerspective glu-perspective)
(gl-import glCullFace gl-cull-face)
(gl-import glPolygonMode gl-polygon-mode)
(gl-import glClear gl-clear)
(gl-import glClearColor clear-color)
(gl-import glLightfv set-light)
(gl-import glMaterialfv set-material)
(gl-import glFogfv gl-fog)
(gl-import glShadeModel shade-model)
(gl-import glViewport gl-viewport)
(gl-import glLineWidth line-width)
(defn clear []
(gl-clear :depth-buffer-bit)
(gl-clear :color-buffer-bit))
(defn viewport [x y w h]
(dosync (ref-set view-bounds [x y w h]))
(gl-viewport x y w h))
(defmacro with-viewport [[x y w h] & body]
`(let [[x# y# w# h#] @view-bounds]
(gl-viewport ~x ~y ~w ~h)
(gl-viewport x# y# w# h#)))
(defmacro set-light-position [num [x y z w]]
(let [light# (keyword (str "light" num))]
(enable :lighting)
(enable ~light#)
(set-light ~light# :position (float-array 4 [~x ~y ~z ~w]) 0))))
(defmacro setup-fog [mode density near far [r g b a]]
(enable :fog)
(gl-fog :fog-mode (float-array 1 [~(translate-keyword mode)]) 0)
(gl-fog :fog-density (float-array 1 [~density]) 0)
(gl-fog :fog-start (float-array 1 [~near]) 0)
(gl-fog :fog-end (float-array 1 [~far]) 0)
(gl-fog :fog-color (float-array 4 [~r ~g ~b ~a]) 0)))
(defn material [r g b a]
(set-material :front-and-back :ambient-and-diffuse (float-array 4 [r g b a]) 0))
(defn draw-solid [] (gl-polygon-mode :front-and-back :fill))
(defn draw-wireframe [] (gl-polygon-mode :front-and-back :line))
(defn draw-point-cloud [] (gl-polygon-mode :front-and-back :point))
(defmacro with-projection [projection & body]
(gl-matrix-mode :projection) (gl-push-matrix) ~projection (gl-matrix-mode :modelview)
(gl-matrix-mode :projection) (gl-pop-matrix) (gl-matrix-mode :modelview)))
(defn ortho-view
"Create orthographic view, where distant objects don't get smaller."
[left top right bottom near far]
(gl-matrix-mode :projection)
(gl-ortho left right bottom top near far)
(gl-matrix-mode :modelview))
(defn frustum-view [fovx aspect near far]
"Create a standard perspective view."
(gl-matrix-mode :projection)
(glu-perspective fovx aspect near far)
(gl-matrix-mode :modelview))
(def #^TextRenderer *text* (TextRenderer. (Font. "Tahoma" java.awt.Font/PLAIN 20) true true))
(defn write
"writes string at normalized coordinates (x,y)"
[string x y]
(let [[_ _ w h] @view-bounds
text-height (.. *text* (getBounds string) getHeight)]
(.beginRendering *text* w h)
(.draw *text* string (int (* x w)) (int (* y (- h text-height))))
(.endRendering *text*)))
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