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Do you tarnish your Clojure with the occasional hint of Java? Have you become indescribably tired of reloading your REPL every time you change anything with a .java suffix? Look no further.

In your project.clj or ~/.lein/profiles.clj, add this:

{:plugins [[lein-virgil "0.1.9"]]}

Now, as if by magic, every time the .java files on your :java-source-paths change, they will be recompiled within your REPL and all the namespaces that rely on those files will be reloaded. A helpful message will be printed out, including any compilation errors you may have introduced along the way (these are written to stdout, so they may show up in a different buffer than your REPL).

Happy tarnishing.


For Boot, add this to your build.boot:

(set-env! :dependencies '[[virgil "0.1.9"]

(require '[virgil.boot :refer [javac*]])

Now you have the option to run Virgil manually from the REPL. Virgil will automatically scan your :source-paths for Java files. This will compile Java classes once:

boot.user=> (boot (javac*))

Or you can enable automatic background recompilation like in lein-virgil:

boot.user=> (def f (future (boot (comp (watch) (javac*)))))
;; Then, to disable:
boot.user=> (future-cancel f)

In your build pipelines, you can continue to use the Boot's built-in javac task.

javac* task supports the following parameters:

  • :verbose — print every class name that is compiled.
  • :options — a vector of strings that is passed to Java compiler, same as to javac binary. E.g., you can use (javac* :options ["-Xlint:unchecked"]) to print additional warnings from the compiler.


Copyright © 2016 Zachary Tellman

Distributed under the MIT License


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