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A personal wiki imitate Wikitten style for Hexo. >Preview

some features:

  • Applicable to personal wiki knowledge management
  • Simple, double column, classified management
  • The knowledge of multi-level sorting, the side can be expand at all levels of classification, easy to jump
  • Categorize article according to file directory #4

Site Preview

mobile preview mobile preview


hexo-theme-Wikitten kernel code base on icarus, so you can read base function document with icarus wiki.


Note: This theme requires Hexo v3.6 or late.

  1. Go to your hexo folder, then clone this theme Wikitten into themes/
$ cd your-hexo-directory
$ git clone themes/Wikitten
  1. Rewrite to cover some default page template in site folder
$ cp -rf themes/Wikitten/_source/* source/
$ cp -rf themes/Wikitten/_scaffolds/* scaffolds/
  1. Rename the _config.yml.example to _config.yml so you can config theme
$ cp -f themes/Wikitten/_config.yml.example themes/Wikitten/_config.yml
# edit and customize it
$ vim themes/Wikitten/_config.yml

most configurations are same as the icarus theme, you can read with icarus wiki at first.

some recommend options setting which you can out of the box, see below #Configuration.

  1. Plugins requires in theme package.json and you need install these.

here is those function and effect:

hexo-autonofollow       // automatic make user open external links in new tab
hexo-directory-category // automatic categorize article according to their file directory
hexo-generator-feed     // generate Atom 1.0 or RSS 2.0 feed
hexo-generator-json-content // generate a json content file for site search
hexo-generator-sitemap  // generate sitemap

you can merge these plugins into the site's package.json file by npm install command install them once,

or in the site folder, you can install them with the following command:

$ npm install --save hexo-autonofollow hexo-directory-category hexo-generator-feed hexo-generator-json-content hexo-generator-sitemap
  1. mathjax renderer configuration (optional):

If you need to write mathematical formulas, the following configuration is recommended:

First, you need to install pandoc,and modify the rendering engine under the hexo site in the meanwhile:

$ npm un hexo-renderer-marked --save
$ npm i hexo-rendere-pandoc --save # or hexo-renderer-krammed

Modify settings in site config file _config.yml:

  enable: true
  engine: mathjax


Modify theme setting in site config file _config.yml to Wikitten.


$ cd themes/Wikitten
$ git pull origin master


In site config file _config.yml, recommend settings:

# Hexo Configuration
permalink: wiki/:title/

# Directory
  - '_posts/**/embed_page/**'

# Writing
new_post_name: # File name of new posts

## Markdown
  gfm: true
## Plugins:
### JsonContent
  meta: false
    title: true
    date: true
    path: true
    text: true
    title: true
    date: true
    path: true
    text: true
    tags: true
    categories: true
    - 404.html
### Creat sitemap
  path: sitemap.xml

### Adds nofollow attribute to all external links in your hexo blog posts automatically.
  enable: true
    - <your site url domain> # eg:

In theme config file Wikitten/_config.yml, you can read more detailed commentary for some options.

Before the start, plase first change my personal info to yourself, including options that profile social_links history_control and so on.

profile, comment, Share and miscellaneous are DEFAULT DISABLE!

(You still can enable them, but not recommend.)

other theme recommend settings:

# Customize
customize: # modify this information for yourself
    sidebar: left # sidebar position, options: left, right
    category_perExpand: false # enable article categories list per expanding
    default_index_file: # enable this, it will display at site index instead of default index page, or disable that it will display more articles order by time 
# Widgets
widgets: # default use category only
    - category
    # - recent_posts
    # - archive
    # - tag
    # - tagcloud
    # - links
# History version 
history_control: # make you wiki has history version control in page (view source code, edit online, compare historical changes)
    enable: true
    server_link: # recommend use GitHub -
    user: <your GitHub name>
    repertory: <your repertory name of this wiki source code>
    branch: <branch name of this wiki site source code>




A theme of Hexo for personal wiki which seems like Wikitten style.





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