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This is a layout library for Enyo 2. This library provides a collection of layout functionality


The list package provides a List control that displays a scrolling list of rows. It's suitable for displaying very large lists and is optimized such that only a small portion of the list is rendered at a given time.

Check out the List sample to see it in action.


The fittable pacakge helps you create layouts that expand to fit available space -- a common need for apps, but one that has historically been difficult to meet using web technologies.

The FittableColumns and FittableRows controls let you define views whose children are arranged either horizontally or vertically. Within a given view, you can designate one child to expand and contract to fit the available space, while its siblings retain their natural or explicitly specified sizes. Fittable views can be nested as needed.

If you're thinking that this sounds a lot like a limited version of the CSS Flexible Box Model, you're right. Our main objective was to provide a layout model with capabilities similar to Flex Box, but with greater browser compatibility. We also wanted to impose as few limitations as possible on the CSS styling of child components, and to use JavaScript sparingly (we use it to calculate the height of fittable elements, but otherwise leave the layout work to the browser).

As much as we like them, we want to emphasize that you should only use FittableColumns and FittableRows when you need views to expand and contract to fit available space. If you simply want to arrange elements horizontally or vertically, you're better off employing standard web layout techniques.

Check out the Fittable sample to see FittableColumns and FittableRows in action.


The enyo.Panels kind is designed to satisfy a variety of common application layout use cases. For example, controls can be arranged as a carousel, a set of collapsing panels, a card stack that fades between panels, a grid, and more.

Of the set of controls contained inside an enyo.Panels, one is considered active. Any enyo kind can be placed inside an enyo.Panels but by convention we refer to each of these controls as a "panel." The active panel is set by index using the setIndex method.

The layout of panels is controlled by the specified layoutKind. By default, panels fit to the size of the Panels that contains them and transition via fading. To setup a carousel, specify a layoutKind of "CarouselArranger" and give each panel a width.

Panels are also animate and are draggable by default. These behaviors can be defeated by setting the draggable and animate properties to false.


Slideable is a control that can be dragged either left/right or up/down between a minimum and maximum value. When relesed from dragging, a Slideable will animate to its minimum or maximum position based on the direction dragged.


A tree control, showing a vertical list of labels with nesting and collapsing of hierarchy levels. There's a simple example in the tree showing a use as a directory and file tree.