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Spearmint is a fork of ioquake3 with two main goals; 1) provide a flexible engine for creating new games and mods, 2) support features from (and running) various id Tech 3-based games.

Spearmint can be used to play Quake III Arena, Quake III: Team Arena, and Turtle Arena. Progress has been made toward running Return to Castle Wolfenstein (MP) and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory but there is still quite a bit left before it's possible. Spearmint is not compatible with existing mods (the QVM/DLL files) or demos (game recordings) for any game.

New Spearmint major releases (X.0.0) will break VM and network compatibility with previous releases.

The source code for the Spearmint Quake 3 game, cgame, and ui code and QVM compiler is at zturtleman/mint-arena. Map editor and map compiler are available at

Buy Me a Coffe at


Pre-built packages for Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X are available at the Spearmint website.


Git branches

  • master branch is for Spearmint 1.1 development.
  • 1.0 branch is for Spearmint 1.0.x bug fix releases.
  • gh-pages branch is the Spearmint website.


Spearmint is licensed under a modified version of the GNU GPLv3 (or at your option, any later version). This is due to including code from Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Submitted contributions must be given with permission to use as GPLv2 (two) and any later version; unless the file is under a license besides the GPL, in which case that license applies. This allows me to potentially change the license to GPLv2 or later in the future.


  • Zack Middleton (main developer)
  • Tobias Kuehnhammer (feedback / bug reports / Bot AI fixes)
  • And other contributors

Spearmint contains code from;

  • Quake 3 - id Software
  • ioquake3 - ioquake3 contributors
  • RTCW SP - Gray Matter Interactive
  • RTCW MP - Nerve Software
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Splash Damage
  • Tremulous - Dark Legion Development
  • World of Padman - Padworld Entertainment
  • ioEF engine - Thilo Schulz
  • NetRadiant's q3map2 - Rudolf Polzer
  • OpenArena - OpenArena contributors
  • OpenMoHAA - OpenMoHAA contributors
  • Xreal (triangle mesh collision) - Robert Beckebans
  • ZEQ2-lite (cel shading) - ZEQ2 project


Please submit all patches as a GitHub pull request.

The focus for Spearmint is to develop a stable base suitable for further development and provide players with the same Quake 3 game play experience they've had for years.