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Game patch data for Spearmint. Only Quake 3, Team Arena, and OpenArena (using Q3 code) are playable. Patch data exists for other games for testing loading their levels, shaders, and other content.


Most of the patch data doesn't cause problems for the original game. So you may be able to share game directory between Spearmint and the original game.

The Quake 3 Demo and Quake 3 Demo Test patch data (specifically, demoq3/botfiles/inv.h and demoq3test/botfiles/inv.h) are not compatible with the original game QVMs.


Game titles and logo designs are copyright id Software or their respectful owners.

  • Quake III Arena window icons based on quake3.svg image from ioquake3 project.
  • RTCW and ET window icons based on wet.svg image from
  • World of Padman window icon based on icon.svg image from World of Padman 1.6.
  • rtcwcommon/scripts/common.shader and ui_wolf.shader are edited versions to fix syntax from RTCW pak0.pk3.
  • {q3test-1.06, q3test-1.08, s3quake3}/scripts/gfx.shader are edited versions to fix syntax.

The following use M+ Outline Fonts (M+ 1c Bold), for font license see M+FONTS_LICENSE.txt.

  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/bigchars.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/eight_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/five_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/four_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/minus_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/nine_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/one_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/seven_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/six_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/three_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/two_32b.png
  • fallback-data/gfx/2d/numbers/zero_32b.png
  • fallback-data/menu/art/font1_prop.png
  • fallback-data/menu/art/font1_prop_glo.png
  • fallback-data/menu/art/font2_prop.png

The following are licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. See LIBERATION_LICENSE.txt.

  • fonts/LiberationSans-Bold.ttf
  • fonts/LiberationMono-Bold.ttf
  • fonts/LiberationMono-Regular.ttf


If a version isn't specified for a game, the newest official patched version is expected.

Title Original Game Dir Spearmint Game Dir Game code repo for testing
Quake III Arena baseq3 baseq3 mint-arena
Quake III Demo demoq3 demoq3 mint-arena
Quake III: Team Arena missionpack missionpack mint-arena
Team Arena Demo tademo tademo mint-arena
Return to Castle Wolfenstein main/pak0.pk3 rtcwcommon
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (SP) main/sp* rtcwsp mint-arena
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (MP) main/mp* rtcwmp mint-arena
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Demo demomain demomain mint-arena
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory etmain etmain mint-arena
Elite Force baseEF baseef mint-voyager
Elite Force 2 base baseef2 mint-metal
Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2 fakk fakk mint-metal
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault main basemohaa mint-metal
American McGee's Alice base basealice mint-metal
American McGee's Alice Demo demo demoalice mint-metal
Solder of Fortune 2 base basesof2 mint-helix
Jedi Outcast base basejk2 mint-helix
Jedi Academy base baseja mint-helix
OpenArena 0.8.8 baseoa baseoa mint-arena
OpenArena (The Mission Pack) 0.8.8 missionpack missionpackoa mint-arena
Tremulous 1.1 base basetrem mint-arena
Smokin' Guns 1.1 smokinguns smokinguns mint-arena
World of Padman 1.6 wop wop mint-arena
Q3 Demo Test (aka Q3Test 1.09) demoq3 demoq3test mint-arena
Q3Test 1.08 demoq3 q3test-1.08 mint-arena
Q3Test 1.07 demoq3 q3test-1.07 mint-arena
Q3Test 1.06 demoq3 q3test-1.06 mint-arena
S3Quake3 baseq3 s3quake3 mint-arena
Dark Salvation 1.06 darks/*.ds1 darks/*.pk3 mint-arena


Game patch data for Spearmint.






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