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Required Gems

  • yard
  • vagrant
  • foodcritic
  • rubocop
  • berkshelf
  • should_not
  • chefspec
  • test-kitchen
  • kitchen-vagrant
  • chef-encrypted-attributes

Required Gems for Guard

  • guard
  • guard-foodcritic
  • guard-rubocop
  • guard-rspec
  • guard-kitchen

More info at Guard Readme.

Installing the Requirements

You must have VirtualBox and Vagrant installed.

You can install gem dependencies with bundler:

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install --without travis

Generating the Documentation

$ bundle exec rake doc

Running the Syntax Style Tests

$ bundle exec rake style

Running the Unit Tests

$ bundle exec rake unit

Running the Integration Tests

$ bundle exec rake integration:vagrant


$ bundle exec kitchen list
$ bundle exec kitchen test

Running Integration Tests in Docker

You need to have Docker installed.

$ wget -qO- | sh

Then use the integration:docker rake task to run the tests:

$ bundle exec rake integration:docker

Running Integration Tests in the Cloud


  • kitchen-digitalocean
  • kitchen-ec2

You can run the tests in the cloud instead of using vagrant. First, you must set the following environment variables:

Then use the integration:cloud rake task to run the tests:

$ bundle exec rake integration:cloud

Using Vagrant with the Vagrantfile

Vagrantfile Requirements

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf vagrant-omnibus
  • The path correctly set for ChefDK:
$ export PATH="/opt/chefdk/bin:${PATH}"

Vagrantfile Usage

$ vagrant up

To run Chef again on the same machine:

$ vagrant provision

To destroy the machine:

$ vagrant destroy
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