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Building Connected Clients Without Javascript

  • Introduction
  • So what is Clojure on Coils and who is it for?


What is a connected client? A connected client is a device which connects to the world of realtime data from any Connected Client, whether it is a phone, a watch, a web browser, or anything else. But Chris Schmidt of Meteor says it far better than I ever could in this must see video:

In the video Chris Schmidt talks about how the Meteor platform based on Javascript will solve the problems of the connected web. I agree that you can build amazing things with Meteor, but I do not necessary agree that Javascript is the most productive language in which to do this. I think that Clojure and Clojurescript can be used to let you build Connected Clients much faster, and all without Javascript.

But how can we say that Javascript is not the right language for this? Well, Javascript is very much like the early 8088 assembly languages of 40 years ago, where it can run in many places, but over time more and more high level languages were built on top of it, like C, C++, Basic, Java, etc. Javascript is going through exactly the same thing now and more and more languages are appearing on top of it. Like any challenged technology Javascript is evolving rapidly with ES6, to fight off any newcomers.

So what is Clojure on Coils and who is it for?**

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