Build Windows apps in seconds
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Build Windows apps in seconds

  • An interactive editor to create GUI apps in the style of Visual Basic 6
  • Build business logic in Javascript
  • Each app has a built in full SQL database
  • Apps can be downloaded and emailed within your intranet

: Key workflow :

  1. Download Yazz for Windows or OS X from
  2. Create an app with drag and drop editor
  3. Share the URL with a colleage

: Made with :

  • Electron
  • VueJS
  • Sqlite
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS

Command line options :

-h, --help                 output usage information
-V, --version              output the version number
-t, --type [type]          Add the specified type of app [type]
-p, --port [port]          Which port should I listen on? [port]
-h, --host [host]          Server address of the central host [host]
-s, --hostport [hostport]  Server port of the central host [hostport]

Developer quick start

1) Install GIT from
2) Install Node.js 8.9 64 bit installer from
3) From the command line get the Git repository
git clone
4) Go to the yazz directory
cd yazz
5) Install the NodeJS modules
npm install
6) Install SQlite3 for Electron
7) Run the Yazz Electron application
electron .

To build the Mac .app you also need to

1) Install SQlite3 for Electron
sudo npm install sqlite3 --build-from-source --runtime=electron --target=1.8.4 --dist-url= (this step may not be needed on some platforms)
2) Run electron packager
Sudo electron-forge make

What is Yazz's killer feature?

Yazz's killer feature is being able to build simple internal business apps fast. It enables this by allowing all apps to be made with our drag and drop editor and the Javascript and SQL scripting language

Is there commercial support for Yazz?

If you require commercial support then please go to