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Shabd - MindMap Your Ideas

Introduction :

    Shabd is a voice interactive android application capable of creating mindmaps and testcases in real-time. Despite having several softwares and applications in the market, shabd proves to be unique. It is capable of getting the inputs through speech as well as text. Just imagine you have a large website to map its modules and generate BDD testcases for the same, our application makes your job easier.


            The input for the nodes of the mindmap and testcase is given as voice/text.

Tools used:

  1. jdk&jre 1.7 or higher
  2. Eclipse neon.3 v4.6.3 3. Android SDK 4. FreeMind v1.0.1 5. TextViewer


      1. .mm file stored in /storage/emulated/0/Shabd .This file can be viewed through the freemind application available in playstore.
      2. .txt file stored in /storage/emulated/0/ShabdTest.This file can be viewed through any text editors in android system.

Installation Details

      1.Extract the bin folder to any local directory and deploy navi.apk 
        available in bin/ to your smartphone's storage location.
      2.Enable permissions in your smartphone to install the app.
      3.The icon of shabd should appear in your home screen. are good to go:)

How to use it :

*Once the homescreen appears tap the speaker button and say initialise to proceed.


  • After this insert the nodes accordingly.You can either give input through voice or through the text.

screenshot_2017-04-20-10-54-47-056_com example navi

  • Then enter the name of the nodes and the number of subnodes below it.


  • If you want to end the node at some particular point then give the number of functionalities as 0(zero).Then say whether you want to generate testcase for the above functionality.


  • Once the process is completed go to your internal storage and you'll find 2 folders named Shabd and ShabdTest.

screenshot_2017-04-20-13-06-47-141_com estrongs android pop

  • In the respective folders you'll see files with proper datestamps as their filenames. .mm is for mindmap and .txt is for testcase.


  • The output from the respective files will be similar to somewhat like this.



                This application aims at simplifying the job of testing simpler.we believe it serves its purpose.
	    For more queries regarding how to use our app kindly watch this video :