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How to contribute to zUIx

Did you find a bug?

  • Ensure the bug was not already reported by searching on GitHub under Issues.

  • If you're unable to find an open issue addressing the problem, open a new one. Be sure to include a title and clear description, as much relevant information as possible, and a code sample or an executable test case demonstrating the expected behavior that is not occurring.

Did you write a patch that fixes a bug?

  • Open a new GitHub pull request with the patch.

  • Ensure the PR description clearly describes the problem and solution. Include the relevant issue number if applicable.

Did you fix whitespace, format code, or make a purely cosmetic patch?

Changes that are cosmetic in nature and do not add anything substantial to the stability, functionality, or testability of zUIx will generally not be accepted unless discussed via the issue tracker.

Do you intend to add a new feature or change an existing one?

File a new enhancement issue.

Do you have questions about the source code?

File a new question issue.

Coding styles and conventions

This project follows coding rules. The build script also includes ESLint checks that are mainly based off the eslint-config-google. You may find out that some of these rules are not fully respected in the existing code, but this will be fixed from time to time.

Implementation notes

See the src/ file.

Getting started with zUIx source code

Clone zUIx repository and install dependencies:

npm install

Build source and create minified version in ./dist/js folder:

npm run build

this will also generate, starting from JSDoc comments, the JSON formatted API files in the ./docs/app/content/api/data folder and TypeScript definition file in the ./dist/js folder.

To submit a new release

npm run release <newversion> | major | minor | patch | premajor | preminor | prepatch | prerelease

if passing CI tests, new release files will be copied to the CDN website (./docs folder) and the version number in the file will be updated. Also the new API data files will be updated in the ./docs/api folder. The script run on the CI server side is

npm run deploy

Join zUIx team!

zUIx is a volunteer effort. We encourage you to pitch in and join the team!

Thanks! ❤️