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=== :: 2009-05-06
* The -c (--config file) option in the CLI interface was previously borken
and had no effect. This has now been fixed.
=== 0.8.1 :: 2009-05-01
* The bundled version of camping has been updated so we are now compatible with
Passenger 2.2.
* We now attempt to check for app loading errors during startup, rather than
waiting for the first request. This should make debugging bad Camping apps
a bit easier.
* Mix bug fixes throughout.
=== 0.8.0 :: 2009-03-18
* Overhauled for Camping 2.0. Major changes throughout. Some things to
watch out for:
* Your app's bin script should now specify :app_file instead of :app_path,
and :app_file should point to your Camping app's main .rb file.
* Postamples for Mongrel and WEBrick are gone, since everything is now
handled by Rack. It is also now possible to run Picnic apps on Phusion
Passenger (mod_rails/mod_rack).
=== 0.7.1 :: 2008-11-10
* Fixed config file loading problems rooted in $APP_PATH inconsistencies.
$APP_PATH is now set to the root of the application installation, rather than
the bin or lib subdirectory.
=== 0.7.0 :: 2008-10-28
* Can now configure the CLI aspect of an app to respond to additional command-
line flags. This is done by passing a block of OptionParser calls as
an :extra_cli_options parameter to the Cli initializer.
* activerecord is no longer a requirement. However you should make sure that
you take care of loading activerecord in your app if you intend to use
Camping's database functionality.
=== 0.6.5 :: 2008-09-18
* Fixed compatibility with ActiveSupport 2.1.
=== 0.6.4 :: 2008-05-26
* Patched bundled Camping library to allow setting expiry time on cookies.
* CLI initializer can now be fed an alternate module name for your application.
This will override the module that would have been guessed based on the
app's name.
* Fixed bug where HTTPS operation didn't work under Webrick. You should now
again be able to serve over HTTPS when using webrick by supplying the
ssl_cert configuration option.
* Fixed bug where the log file was being truncuated whenever the server
was started in daemon mode.
=== 0.6.3 :: 2008-03-14
* Fixed bug in mongrel postamble that prevented the server from starting when
the log level was set to DEBUG.
=== 0.6.2 :: 2008-03-06
* Fixed some loading problems having to do with the new CAS authenticator
introduced in 0.6.0.
=== 0.6.1 :: 2008-02-28
* Fixed bug introduced in 0.6.0 where webrick and mongrel postambles were
broken for apps that don't define any public directories.
* Each public directory mount is now logged during startup. Also resolved
some potential issues with the uri_path config option. Multiple /'s
in the path are now automatically removed.
=== 0.6.0 :: 2008-02-26
* Added support for CAS authentication. See picnic/authentication.rb for
* Webrick and Mongrel can now be made to bind to a specific IP address using
the :bind_address option. If no :bind_address is specified, the server will
listen on all addresses (i.e. '').
* The Public controller for serving the '/public' directory is gone. It has
been replaced by respective Webrick and Mongrel mechanisms for serving
directory contents, since these are much faster. If you're using CGI/FastCGI,
you'll have to manually configure your web server (i.e. probably Apache)
to serve your public directory contents.
* The gem package now correctly recognizes markaby as a required
=== 0.5.0 :: 2007-12-20
* First public release.