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DIY midi controller project
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DIY RGB MIDI grid controller


midi-grid is an open source MIDI controller, main part of which is 8x8 LED iluminated button grid.

Main features of the device:

  • 8x8 RGB LED illuminated button matrix
  • 17 additional MIDI control buttons, most of them paired with RGB LED indicator
  • 1 internal menu button
  • 2 rotary encoders, acting as MIDI controls
  • Monochrome LCD display with adjustable backlight
  • Physical MIDI input and output ports

Currently device is developed to work with Ableton Live, specifically with modified Launchpad95 MIDI remote script - Launchpad95g. Additional functionality, like stand-alone modes, or compatibility with other DAWs may be implemented later.

More thorough information, regarding design and implementation, is available in wiki of this project.

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