ruby-raid is an atari's river raid like game written in ruby with chingu gaming framework
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running the game

You need the Chingu gem

gem install chingu

then you can just run:

ruby game_window.rb

Suggested Gameplay

You are Rubee, a young rails locomotive who is trying to overcome obstacles in life.
Rubee's path to success is to destroy his enemies (XML, Java and others) by throwing
in its enemies a powerful piece of rail. At the end of each phase Rubee learns an
important lesson which can be for example:  in IRB, you can use '_' to retrieve the last
returned value.

Working on

When working on something please cut the task from TODO and add it here putting your name besides it.

on hold - (pedro)- we need some 'exploding' animation when hitting the enemies either by shotting them or by crashing into them


* create map
  - use vertical or horizontal navigation for the map (if horizontal it' s easier to
    to use a train(locomotive) as the main player) otherwise we need to find out a
    better main player than Ruby logo
  - preferably use text file to create an map
  - if using yml create a system to edit/save maps on the fly
  - use paralax effects in background
* create game enemies
  - something that represents anti-ruby values like java, xml...
  - define at least 3 different enemies with different behaviors
  - they can be moving enemies or static enemies
* game menu
  - create game states, like Menu, Pause, Game Over, and Playing
* game music
  - add sound effects for explosions, gun shots, locomotive sounds
  - compose background song or find an open source one
* main player
  - implement an energy bar or lifes concept
  - use sprites to emulate motion
  - implement space bar as action keys (fire rail)
  - when dying, present GameOver state
  - 10 rail's pieces as maximum ammo
* gameplay
  - add 'extra life' or 'energy increase' concept
  - add game score concept
  - player can collect ammo to reload