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rishig integrations: Update trello doc.
The main setup text for an integration should always be targeted at
non-technical users.
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pgroonga pgroonga: Upgrade to PGroonga 2 API. May 31, 2018
puppet puppet: Fix puppet-lint warnings in various manifests. Aug 28, 2018
requirements pypi: Upgrade to release 0.5.4. Aug 31, 2018
scripts postgres-init-db: Throw an error if not run as root. Aug 21, 2018
static emoji: Fix caching for text emojiset. Sep 22, 2018
stubs billing: Fix mypy stubs to use keyword args instead of positional args. Sep 1, 2018
templates zephyr page: Add style to zephyr page. Sep 21, 2018
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zerver integrations: Update trello doc. Sep 22, 2018
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zthumbor thumbor: Make local_file_path logic more obvious. Aug 11, 2018
.codecov.yml Try to avoid codecov spam. Dec 29, 2017
.editorconfig editorconfig: Declare max line lengths for JS/Python code. Aug 8, 2018
.eslintignore zulip_ops: Delete the long-disused `stats1.zulip.net` config and its … Aug 16, 2017
.eslintrc.json frontend: Create data structure for starred messages. Aug 21, 2018
.gitattributes gitattributes: Treat .ogg files as binary. Apr 27, 2018
.gitignore mypy: Add basic support for invoking dmypy to run-mypy. May 22, 2018
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CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md repository: Add CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md. Jun 15, 2017
CONTRIBUTING.md docs: Add clarification for help wanted and good first issue labels. Aug 21, 2018
Dockerfile-dev Move Dockerfile to Dockerfile-dev. Sep 25, 2017
Dockerfile-postgresql docker: Add PGroonga support to Postgresql Dockerfile. May 23, 2018
LICENSE docs: Move license declaration from README.md to LICENSE. Nov 15, 2017
README.md README: Document support for Debian and Bionic. Jul 1, 2018
Vagrantfile Vagrantfile: Fix typo in spelling of problems. Jun 1, 2018
manage.py manage.py: Catch issue with users running manage.py as the wrong user. Jul 30, 2018
mypy.ini mypy: Switch back to a blanket `ignore_missing_imports = True`. Aug 6, 2018
package.json build_emoji: Add infrastructure for google-blob and twitter emojisets. Aug 31, 2018
version.py version: Bump after 1.9.0-rc2 release. Aug 31, 2018
yarn.lock build_emoji: Add infrastructure for google-blob and twitter emojisets. Aug 31, 2018


Zulip overview

Zulip is a powerful, open source group chat application that combines the immediacy of real-time chat with the productivity benefits of threaded conversations. Zulip is used by open source projects, Fortune 500 companies, large standards bodies, and others who need a real-time chat system that allows users to easily process hundreds or thousands of messages a day. With over 300 contributors merging over 500 commits a month, Zulip is also the largest and fastest growing open source group chat project.

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Getting started

Click on the appropriate link below. If nothing seems to apply, join us on the Zulip community server and tell us what's up!

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You may also be interested in reading our blog or following us on twitter. Zulip is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.