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@chrisbobbe chrisbobbe released this Sep 17, 2021 · 171 commits to main since this release

Highlights for users

  • (iOS) Fixed bug that could cause notifications to make sound with device in silent mode. (#4897)

Plus, like every release, many other fixes and improvements for your Zulip experience.

Highlights for developers

  • Sentry is now fully set up for Android-native code. (PR #4996)

  • The types PmOutbox and StreamOutbox are now distinguished more fully. (PR #4998)

  • We now require sender_id, server, and realm_uri in notification data, rejecting forms from servers we no longer support. (PR #4967)

  • We've prepared the persistent-data storage code so it's easier to add transaction logic and make it sound: #4841. We've also narrowed the race window to mitigate the symptoms of that issue, by using AsyncStorage.multiSet and by separating the serialization step from the storage step. (PR #4694)

  • Outbox values now have a stream_id. (PR #5000)

  • We've improved the Sentry logging for an unexpected report from the invariant in RawLabel. (PR #5004)

  • When reporting API errors to Sentry, the invalid-JSON case is now a bit more explicit. (PR #5002)

  • Resolved issues (earliest first): #4897, PR #4996, PR #4998, PR #4967, PR #4934, PR #4694, PR #5000, PR #5004, PR #5002

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778c166a0b0b5073c17216b1a8b5cac0d7050fc42445dc69ed131ed7b8ace26c  app-release.apk
9ccbd39e62d9c7e842c5f670080e2667893d11bc716777cc68fdbf43a8c862fc  app-release.aab
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