Mechanism for removing/deleting, hiding, or cleaning up test stream topics #135

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Maybe I am missing something. But is there a way to remove the stream topics? You can mute them, but remove them?

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There is no way to "delete" a topic from a stream other than editing the messages to rename the topics.

Can you give a bit more context on why you are interested in deleting old topics? Is it just that there were some testing messages sent that you'd like to clean up, or something else?


In General, i feel that a few production users who do not understand the way streams and topics work, will always create a new topic for everything they want to chat about. Potentially, if a Stream is not used correctly by end users, you could end up with hundreds of topics, all which will show up under the stream. It would be a good feature to completely remove the topics. Just for clean up.


Only the N most recent topics and those with unread messages show up under the stream, not every topic ever, so I think that actually gets handled pretty well in normal usage without any manual cleanup (with older topics available if you click the "(more topics)" button).

If you're not experiencing it as satisfactory in practice, though, definitely speak up! There's probably room to optimize this (and since this is historically a not uncommon question, we should probably mention how the topics list works somewhere in the documentation)

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Hi Tim, as a matter of fact, almost every-time I invite new users (employees) on Zulip, the first thing they do is to create a "test" message somewhere. With no way for an admin to remove a message and/or a topic, that is bugging me :)

Note: (my) users won't read docs for a messaging system, especially non-techie ones.


I think we should change this to a feature request. My non techie users are doing the same thing, which leaves us with x number of topics that junk up the system. The only way i found so far is to delete and re-create the stream.

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@ipernet definitely understood -- my documentation point was more for admins setting up new servers to understand the fact that you can't delete topics, not for the new users joining :)

Cool, yeah, I think we should have some good mechanism for addressing this issue, even if it's mostly relevant when onboarding people, since it does come up often when setting up a new team.

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+1 for deleting useless/unwanted topics by one-click with admin rights


+1 on this feature for sure. Would be nice to have some control over deleting the topics. Even if i completely delete and recreate the stream, the old topics appear. I have some junk ones from testing the API that I would like to delete.

gucce commented Oct 23, 2015

This is a good idea. But personally, I would prefer an archive feature similar to those available in e.g. GMail or Trello. This way you could make topics disappear but you were still able to find them if you really wanted to.
Obviously, the delete feature can coexist with the archive feature.

Bl4ckM commented Nov 19, 2015

+1 @gucce Archive Feature, with/without delete option would be very nice. if you don't need it anymore put it to the archive :)


+1 this would be very useful

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Yes, please. Being able to delete / purge topics would be great.


Our company hosts a Zulip server for our customers. It's basically a demo at this point to see if it helps our customers better communicate. We do this by manually creating streams, assigning the user and letting them post inside their own stream.

Of course, every so often, someone publishes something "bad" that needs to be removed. For example.. an ex-employee logging in and posting some inappropriate images.



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+1 archive or delete would be great

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I just ran into this need myself.

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