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itamarst commented Oct 8, 2015

Different streams can have different policies or shared information applicable to new people or people who just showed up.

IRC has topics for this.
Forum software lets you pin messages or discussions at the top.

It would be great if Zulip had this too.

@lfaraone lfaraone added the enhancement label Oct 8, 2015
lfaraone commented Oct 8, 2015

You can specify a stream purpose in the Subscriptions page.

Could you clarify the sort of enhancement you'd want to see here?

itamarst commented Oct 8, 2015

At least in the version I'm using (hosted zulip.com) there's only stream name. Here are some examples:

  • For important decisions stream at my company, I'd want a note saying "This stream announces important company-wide decisions. New employees should read the backlog, and discussions should not be held here to minimize irrelevant noise."
  • For public zulip that is open to anyone to sign up I might want a note saying "You can find a FAQ at http://xyz" on the get help stream.
  • On a restricted zulip stream, e.g. senior staff for company, might want a note saying "Remember that conversations about Some Stuff should not be discussed here because Reasons."
lfaraone commented Oct 8, 2015

Here's where we show descriptions:
Here's where descriptions can be edited:

Note that at present, only administrators for a realm can set stream descriptions.

Feel free to reopen if I'm misunderstanding your request.

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jml commented Oct 8, 2015

I suspect @itamarst was filing this in response to my constant complaints. 😉

I would like to see these descriptions when we are viewing the actual stream itself, because that's when it's actually relevant.

Perhaps they could go in the area where the stream title & search box are now. Perhaps just beneath them? Or perhaps they could appear above the text entry box when entering a new stream message? (I think this is less good, for reasons below).

Another use case is for status information, e.g. for an engineering channel: "Build is OK | Next release 1.5.0 | General engineering discussion".

Here's an example from topic on IRC:

screenshot 2015-10-08 21 19 18

It's the text at the top starting with "https://twistedmatrix.com".

Note that it's always visible. This is surprisingly important, because it helps guide & focus conversation.

It's also editable in-place, which is also very important. The low barrier to changing it means that it stays up-to-date and relevant.

In summary: the stream purpose information that's already there seems a fine thing to show, but I'd like to always see it when viewing the stream and to be able to edit it directly while viewing the stream.

jml commented Oct 9, 2015

I'd reopen, but I don't have permission.

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@timabbott Will the major visual redesign take this issue into account or should we make some UX suggestions here with an eye towards implementation?


Our current visual redesign plans don't include this, mostly because we're not sure where to put it, so suggestions welcome!

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