Community health analytics for realm admins #2052

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I as a realm admin want some community health metrics for various reasons.

I want to know what the most active and most quiet times of day and days of the week are, so I can schedule meetings.

It would be lovely to provide some kind of indication to administrators of community-style Zulip realms if there's a ton of traffic happening on private streams; if I can't see what's happening there, I can't ensure that it's in accordance with community norms, and so it's probably a good idea for me to reach out to members who are quiet in public to ask them how things are going.

And, in followup to #168, once there's blocking, I also want to know about how much blocking is happening. I probably don't need to know who's doing the blocking. If multiple unique users are blocking the same person, that's a red flag and I want to be told that that's happened.

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@amyliu345 @timabbott amyliu345 + timabbott analytics: Add graphs of usage statistics on /stats.
This adds a frontend for the analytics system we've had for a few
months, showing several graphs of the data in Zulip.

There's a ton more that we can do with this tooling, but this initial
version is enough to provide users with a pretty good experience.

Fixes #2052.
@timabbott timabbott closed this in 0a39e35 Feb 1, 2017
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