Add an in-product mechanism for notifying users about new features / changes #2187

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Because Zulip server administrators upgrade their servers at different times, we should develop a nice system for how to convey to what new things were added to the product in recent upgrades.

Options include:

  • Add a mechanism for sending newsletter style Zulip messages about new Zulip features into Zulip “announce” streams. Seems like a nice lightweight way to advertise the new stuff we’re doing. Likely will use internal_send_message and NOTIFICATION_BOT? Should be implemented as a management command, and have a way to diff a list of messages against which have already been sent on this server. An interesting piece of this will be figuring out how to include a screenshot to explain what the feature does (can probably just ship them in a subdirectory of static/ and link to that).
  • Have more of an onboarding style mechanism where we highlight particular parts of the site that have changed, and the user can learn about and then dismiss them. This one is probably more likely to ensure the user sees it, but also more annoying if you're in 5 Zulip organizations.

One can imagine a combination of these ideas, where we do the announcement message, but the individual items in there have links to an onboarding style thing. But regardless I'm currently favoring the Zulip message style approach since it feels more consistent.

@timabbott timabbott added this to the Zulip roadmap milestone Nov 18, 2016

My suggestion is, you could program the bot to send the feature description given on a .md file to the announce stream. 🤔

timabbott commented Feb 13, 2017 edited

yeah, that's basically the idea I had in mind for the first option. For each realm, we'd keep track of which features have been announced already in the database, so that one can post it to one realm at a time.

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