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cjb commented Sep 25, 2015

Looks like Zulip's currently installing a random (non-release) commit of a personal fork of Django:


Does anyone know if there are obstacles to using a release version? Looks like this is from the 1.7alpha period, not sure whether pre- or post-migrations landing. If it's after migrations, maybe 1.7.x would just work?


The only obstacle is the bulk_create feature we added to django. pull request is here: django/django#5166

andersk commented Sep 25, 2015

For the record, rwbarton/django@59f1fc4 isn’t from the 1.7alpha period; it’s five commits on top of the 1.8 final release.


Thanks to @blablacio's work, the feature that caused Zulip to need a forked Django is now in mainline Django via django/django#5936 !

So we should be able to remove the fork sometime after Django 1.10 comes out (scheduled for July, see

@timabbott timabbott added this to the 2016 roadmap milestone Apr 29, 2016
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@umairwaheed @timabbott umairwaheed + timabbott Upgrade to the latest Django release, 1.10.4.
Most of the changes to support this were merged some time ago; what
remains are these changes:

* Update requirements.txt
* Django 1.10: Upgrade success-http-headers.txt file.

- We no longer get the absolute urls, see
- The headers are capitalized, previously, they were in upper case.

* Bump PROVISON_VERSION to 3.0 since this is a disruptive change.

Fixes #3.
@timabbott timabbott closed this in efccefc Dec 15, 2016

We're now on the latest Django, 1.10.4, which has all of our patches merged. Yay for closing a super-early issue :)

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