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A simple application that facilitates the Scrum Methodology.

MVP: The application allows Product Owners to:

  • Add stories to a backlog
  • Estimate stories
  • Assign stories to team members
  • Move stories out of the backlog and into new states such as todo, in progress and done

Live Demo

Table of Contents

Getting Started


What you need to run this app:

  • node and npm (Use NVM)
  • Ensure you're running Node (v4.1.x+) and NPM (2.14.x+)

Warning: Make sure you're using the latest version of Node.js and NPM


  • npm install to install all dependencies

Running the app

After you have installed all dependencies you can now run the app with:

npm start

It will start a local server using webpack-dev-server which will watch, build (in-memory), and reload for you. The port will be displayed to you as http://localhost:8080.


Build files

  • single run: npm run build
  • build files and watch: npm start


1. Unit Tests

  • single run: npm test
  • live mode (TDD style): npm run test-watch

Stack Used:

  • Angular*Webpack workflow
  • ES6
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap
  • Jasmine (Test)
  • Karma (Test Runner)
  • Babel (ES6)