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bitcoin2network has been rebranded to ZumCoin.

The registration process for the swap of B2N to ZUM started at block height 405,001 (approximately on July 24th, 2019) and will end at block height 440,000 (approximately on August 31st, 2019). Please refer to this guide for precise detail of swap process

Please be advised that the swap opportunity will expire permanently at block height 440,000. So, all B2N coin holders must follow the instructions, as provided below, before the swap expiration height to get their coins swapped for ZUM.

  1. Generate your Unique Payment ID at
  2. Register for the swap at
  3. You MUST then transfer your B2N coins to the Official B2N Swap Wallet address, provided below, before the swap expiration which will occur at block height 440,000. You MUST include the Unique Payment ID, you are providing on this swap registration form, on every B2N transaction you do to claim your ZUM coins.

Distribution of swapped (ZUM) coins will start on September 1st, 2019 and will be completed on or before September 15th, 2019.

Swap Table

To acknowledge the loyalty and constant support of most active and dedicated members of our community, we have decided to differentiate the swap into 4 batches, as outlined below. The earlier you participate in the swap, the better the ratio you will receive.

Start Height End Height Swap Ratio Comment
405,001 410,000 25:1 5000 Blocks
410,001 417,500 50:1 7,500 Blocks
417,501 427,500 75:1 10,000 Blocks
427,501 440,000 100:1 12,500 Blocks

Official B2N Swap Wallet Address


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