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ZumeroReader is a demo app for iPhone/iPad running iOS 6+, mainly written as example material for the series of blog posts beginning with Using Zumero from C#. This app is described in Part 5 of the series.

It was built using XCode 4.6.1 (the latest version at this writing), and may require modifications to run under earlier XCode versions.

The app itself is a minimally-modified version of XCode's stock Master/Detail app skeleton; the intent is to highlight the Zumero-specific pieces, without distracting with too much (OK, any) application design or finesse.

The project structure assumes that Zumero.framework is available under the ../ios folder. Adjust that path as necessary if you've extracted the Zumero SDK elsewhere.

As-checked-in, the app syncs with Eric Sink's Zumero RSS instance. Unsurprisingly, you're not an admin there. You'll want to set up your own Zumero instance, as described in the blog series, and modify ZRConfig::server accordingly, to add/update your own list of feeds.