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AnYme Frequently Asked Questions

Table of contents

Where can I find the latest version of the app?

  • Currently there are three versions available, two of them are available for everyone.
    • Public Reddit Build: latest stable version. Updated every 3 months.
    • Public Discord Build: latest BETA. Fairly stable. Updated every 2-3 months.
    • Alpha Build: contains experimental changes. Intended to not be stable to collect lots of crashes and feedback. Only available if you have the alpha role in the Discord server. Updated once or twice a week.

What is the best app to watch videos?

  • Install either MX Player or VLC.

How can I cast videos?

  • Install one of these apps: VLC, LocalCast, AllCast, AllScreen, WebVideoCast, Yatse or BubbleUPnP. In the built-in browser you can then toggle the cast icon and AnYme will open one of these installed apps instead of your default video player.

How do I stay up to date with new features?

Feel free to open a pull request with frequently asked questions (include an answer if you have it)

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