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zunjae committed Oct 7, 2019
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@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ AnYme is not a competing app. I do not maintain it for the sake of being better
* No Ads
* MAL integration. In fact, AnYme was the first app with MAL integration after their site was relaunched. (An Alpha download was available in less than 3 hours after the site came online)
* Alpha updates are released multiple times per week
* It has a subreddit with more than 8.4K subscribers (
* It has a subreddit with more than 8.6K subscribers (
* It is based off the most recent SDK build tools for best compatibility with most phones and tablets
* It has no app permissions, so it can't look at your files and send them to a server
* It has a Trello board so you can follow the development progress (

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