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Unofficial Android Anime App for MyAnimeList
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Android App for Anime which can sync with MyAnimeList [ FREE AND NO ADS! ]



App Features

  • Synchronize with MyAnimeList to update what episodes you have watched!
  • A Built-in AdBlocker which blocks annoying ads and trackers
  • Get a notification when an episode is released
  • Find Similar and Related Anime from shows you're watching
  • Create shortcuts to Anime on your launcher
  • Read information about anime movies and anime shows
    • This includes information such as score, rating, broadcast day, adaptions, sequels etc.
  • See recommendations based on shows you like
  • See a list of all popular, ongoing and airing anime shows, movies and OVAs
  • Add notes to episodes you have watched
  • Save a list of your favorite anime characters
  • Find which characters play in a show and who their voice actors are.
  • Don't know what to watch? Use the Random Anime button
  • Cleanup your MyAnimeList profile
  • Bulk delete shows from your profile
  • Quickly see how long it takes before the next episode airs
  • See the schedule of your favorite Anime
  • Search for shows based on filters
  • Find anime wallpapers from your favorite show and batch-download them
  • Look up anime songs and listen to them
  • Find anime discussions on Reddit

and more...

Things you should know

  • AnYme requires no app permission. So it can't look at your private files and send them to a server
  • You need at least Android 4.4
  • You can request new features on Reddit
  • AnYme uses HTTPS when connecting to MAL. When creating a MAL account, I recommend you pick a password you do not use anywhere else
  • You can login or register on Kanon through on your phone
  • AnYme is a MyAnimeList app! Other sources will not be added
  • Please report ads. I can block them fairly easily.

Credits (alphabetically):


  • App Icon: LouieK22

How is AnYme built?

AnYme is a native Android application written in Kotlin and Java using Android Studio.

Why use AnYme?

AnYme is not a competing app. I do not maintain it for the sake of being better than other apps. That said, there are some reasons to pick AnYme over other apps. Here's just a small list:

  • No Ads
  • MAL integration. In fact, AnYme was the first app with MAL integration after their site was relaunched. (An Alpha download was available in less than 3 hours after the site came online)
  • Alpha updates are released multiple times per week
  • It has a subreddit with more than 7.9K subscribers (
  • It is based off the most recent SDK build tools for best compatibility with most phones and tablets
  • It has no app permissions, so it can't look at your files and send them to a server
  • It has a Trello board so you can follow the development progress (
  • 🎉 And best of all, this is not made using Xamarin/Visual Studio! 🎉
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