Use Tornado with SQLite3
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README is a thin wrapper over sqlite3. It allows python scripts to
retrieve and treat table records as dictionary objects. Thus a user row
with fields id and name, can be accessed thus

conn = database.Connection()
user = conn.get("select * from user where id=2")
print + ":" +

It is derived from Tornado's MySQL adapter

It allows you to build Tornado apps that work with SQLite3
using the same API that Tornado provides in its database module.

This can be useful because Sqlite comes pre-installed with python
so it allows you to build a Test Tornado app without 
having to install MySQL. does not depend on Tornado, and can be used independent 
of Tornado, as illustrated in

To use with Tornado, you can either replace tornado/
with this, or place in your Python path,
and import database instead of import tornado.database

A sample program using database_sqlite3 is in
To run it  
% python

A sample Tornado app using database_sqlite3 is in
To run it  
% python
and open browser and go to