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dm2gym: Convert DeepMind Control Suite to OpenAI gym environments.

This repository contains a lightweight wrapper to convert DeepMind Control Suite to OpenAI gym environments.


One can install directly from PyPI:

pip install dm2gym

The installation can also be done with:

git clone
cd dm2gym
pip install -e .

Getting started

One liner to create the environment:

import gym
env = gym.make('dm2gym:CheetahRun-v0')

More examples to specify the environment:

env = gym.make('dm2gym:FishSwim-v0', environment_kwargs={'flat_observation': True})
env = gym.make('dm2gym:HopperHop-v0', visualize_reward=True)

What's new

  • 2019-10-18 (v0.2.0)

    • Sync to the latest API of DeepMind Control Suite
    • Support gym registration: create all dm_control environments via gym.make
  • 2019-04-14 (v0.1.0)

    • Initial release


Please use this bibtex if you want to cite this repository in your publications:

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