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-# flickrBomb
-flickrBomb provides an easy way for you to fill your prototypes with relevant content, and not just those dull gray placeholder images.
-## This is a fork
-This version is slightly tweaked in that it does not rely on jeromegn/Backbone.localStorage included, that functionality is baked into the class. The reason is because the plugin is destructive and replaces `Backbone.sync` with localStorage, which is probably not what you want if you are using flickrBomb on a Backbone project.
-I also made this a class instead of a single-fire or very inefficient function, in case you wanted to call `bomb()` manually after you dynamically add placeholders.
-## Usage
-Include `underscore.js` and `backbone.js`. Include `flickrbomb.js`, this creates a `flickrBomb` class.
-* Create a bomb `var fbomb = flickrBomb()`
-* Bombs away `fbomb.bomb()`
-* Repeat
- * If you dynamically add more img tags with `flickr://puppy`, then call `fbomb.bomb()`, it will re-bomb those images only.
-To create placeholders to be replaced with flickr images, create image tags like this `<img src="flickr://Kevin Bacon" width="175px" height="175px">`. "Kevin Bacon" will be the keyword used for the flickr search.
-See for more info on options for placeholders.
# Usage
-* Include documentcloud/underscore and documentcloud/backbone.
+* Include and
* Include `flickrbomb.js`
* Add some flickr placeholders like this: `<img src="flickr://puppy" width="170px" height="170px">`
* Instantiate a bomb `var fbomb = flickrBomb();`
* Bombs away `fbomb.bomb()`
* Repeat if you ever dynamically add more placeholder tags.
+See for more info on options for placeholders.
## Fork
This is a fork. Why?
@@ -42,7 +19,6 @@ This is a fork. Why?
flickrBomb v1
->>>>>>> stuff
Copyright 2011, ZURB
Free to use under the MIT license.

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