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Deprecation Notice

We believe the best solution for the future of the web is a single, robust framework capable of developing webapps and websites, so we’ve made the decision to streamline our development and move Foundation for Apps into our experimental playground to concentrate on Foundation for Sites. Foundation has, and will continue to push the web forward, and we’re incredibly excited about the future. You can follow along with the Foundation for Sites roadmap to get more details on where the project is headed and learn how to get involved.

Foundation for Apps

Build Status

This is Foundation for Apps, an Angular-powered framework for building powerful responsive web apps, from your friends at ZURB.


You'll need the following software installed to get started.

  • Node.js: Use the installer provided on the NodeJS website.
  • Git: Use the installer for your OS.
  • Ruby: Use the installer for your OS. For Windows users, JRuby is a popular alternative.
    • With Ruby installed, run gem install bundler sass.
  • Gulp and Bower: Run [sudo] npm install -g gulp bower

Get Started

The Sass and JavaScript components are available on Bower and npm.

bower install foundation-apps --save
npm install foundation-apps --save

You can also use our command-line interface to quickly setup a basic Foundation for Apps project. It includes a pre-built Gulpfile that compiles an Angular-powered web app for you.

Install it with this command:

npm install -g foundation-cli bower gulp

Now you can make a new project:

foundation-apps new myApp
cd myApp

While working on your project, run:

npm start

This will assemble the templates, static assets, Sass, and JavaScript. You can view the test server at this URL:


Building this Repo

If you want to work with the source code directly or compile our documentation, follow these steps:

git clone
cd foundation-apps
npm install

While you're working on the code, run:

npm start

The documentation can be viewed at the same URL as above.

Directory Structure

  • build: This is where our documentation is assembled. Don't edit these files directly, as they're overwritten every time you make a change!
  • docs: The Foundation for Apps documentation.
  • scss: The Sass components.
  • js: The Angular modules and directives, and other external libraries.
  • iconic: A set of 24 icons from the folks at Iconic.
  • dist: Compiled CSS and JavaScript files, in minified and unmified flavors.
  • tests: Unit tests for the Angular modules.


Foundation for Apps follows semver, so we won't introduce breaking changes in minor or patch versions. The master branch will always have the newest changes, so it's not necessarily production ready. The stable branch will always have the most recent stable version of the framework.


We love feedback! Help us find bugs and suggest improvements or new features. Follow us on Twitter at @ZURBFoundation to keep up-to-date with what's new, or to just shoot the breeze.

If you find a problem or have an idea, open a new issue on GitHub. When filing a bug report, make sure you specify the browser and operating system you're on, and toss us a screenshot or show us how we can recreate the issue.

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