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require 'bundler/setup'
require 'bundler/gem_tasks'
require 'rspec/core/rake_task'
desc 'Run the test suite'
task :default => :rspec
namespace :assets do
desc 'Update Foundation for Sites assets'
task update: :clean do
sh 'bower install'
sh 'cp -R bower_components/foundation-sites/dist/js/plugins/* vendor/assets/js/'
sh 'rm -f vendor/assets/js/*.min.*'
sh 'cp -R bower_components/foundation-sites/scss/* vendor/assets/scss/'
sh 'cp -R bower_components/foundation-sites/scss/settings/_settings.scss lib/generators/foundation/templates'
sh 'cp -R bower_components/motion-ui/src/* vendor/assets/scss/motion-ui'
# NOTE: This is a temporary dependency management solution introduced in 6.3, will probably be removed in 6.4
sh 'cp -R bower_components/foundation-sites/_vendor/* vendor/assets/_vendor/'
js_files = Dir['vendor/assets/js/*.js'].sort
# Move foundation.core.js to beginning of js_files
util_file_regex = /foundation\.util*/
js_files = js_files.find_all { |file| file =~ util_file_regex } + js_files.reject { |file| file =~ util_file_regex }
js_files.insert(0, js_files.delete(js_files.find { |file| file =~ /foundation\.core\.js/ }))
manifest = { |file| "//= require #{File.basename(file)}" }.join("\n")
File.write('vendor/assets/js/foundation.js', manifest)
puts "\n*********************\n** ASSETS UPDATED! **\n*********************\n"
desc 'Remove old Foundation for Sites assets'
task :clean do
sh 'rm -rf vendor'
sh 'mkdir -p vendor/assets/js/ vendor/assets/scss vendor/assets/scss/motion-ui vendor/assets/_vendor'