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Fix for Incompatible units: 'rem' and 'px'

When setting a size for the switch heights, the defaults are set in rem and comparing it to px is causing a syntax error. So I switched it to use the rem-calc() mixin to resolve the error.
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jameswlane committed Jun 27, 2014
1 parent 65bc8b2 commit aef01647769828112439f30998968321965a27b9
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  1. +4 −4 scss/foundation/_settings.scss
@@ -1062,10 +1062,10 @@
// $switch-bg: #fff;

// We use these to control the switch heights for our default classes
// $switch-height-tny: 22px;
// $switch-height-sml: 28px;
// $switch-height-med: 36px;
// $switch-height-lrg: 44px;
// $switch-height-tny: rem-calc(22);
// $switch-height-sml: rem-calc(28);
// $switch-height-med: rem-calc(36);
// $switch-height-lrg: rem-calc(44);
// $switch-bottom-margin: rem-calc(20);

// We use these to control default font sizes for our classes.

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