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Commits on Oct 26, 2012
  1. @mhayes

    bumped version

    mhayes committed
  2. @zurbchris
  3. @zurbchris
  4. @mrsweaters

    Remove first().

    mrsweaters committed
  5. @mrsweaters
  6. @mrsweaters
  7. @zurbchris

    updated body to use padding-top when topbar is fixed to top so that i…

    zurbchris committed
    …t doesn't move down position relative things on the page
  8. @zurbchris

    updated table style, fixes #1068

    zurbchris committed
  9. @zurbchris

    a typo

    zurbchris committed
  10. @zurbchris
  11. @zurbchris

    updated changelog again

    zurbchris committed
  12. @zurbchris

    updated changelog

    zurbchris committed
  13. @zurbchris
  14. @zurbchris

    added clearing-feature style

    zurbchris committed
  15. @zurbchris
  16. @zurbchris

    added joyride variables

    zurbchris committed
  17. @zurbchris

    style updates to clearing

    zurbchris committed
  18. @zurbchris
  19. @zurbchris
  20. @mhayes

    Merge branch '3.2-wip'

    mhayes committed
  21. @mhayes
  22. @mhayes

    Merge branch 'master' into 3.2-wip

    mhayes committed
  23. @mhayes

    bump version

    mhayes committed
  24. @mhayes

    Merge branch '3.2-wip' of into 3.2-wip

    mhayes committed
  25. @mhayes

    updated clearing docs

    mhayes committed
  26. @mhayes

    updated clearing test page

    mhayes committed
  27. @mrsweaters
  28. @mrsweaters
  29. @zurbchris
  30. @zurbchris

    added clearing variables

    zurbchris committed
  31. @mhayes
  32. @mhayes

    dropdown toggles by default

    mhayes committed
  33. @jvivs @mhayes

    add toggle option to dropdown buttons

    jvivs committed with mhayes
    - consolidated three click.fndtn handlers to one
    - add class to toggle when active
    - check event.originalTarget instead of stopping event propagation
    - declare references to targeted element as $el to reduce use of $(this)
    - comments!
  34. @zurbchris

    fixed conflicts

    zurbchris committed
  35. @zurbchris

    fixed ipad styles for clearing

    zurbchris committed
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