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mettzal commented Dec 1, 2012

Hello friends

my orbit sliders not working with wooocommerce plugin,

the firefox web console display:

"Uncaught TypeError: Property '$' of object [object Window] is not a function "

how can i fix that?



mhayes commented Dec 1, 2012

It sounds like jQuery might be missing on your page. Make sure that jQuery is being included before the Orbit plugin.

mettzal commented Dec 1, 2012

that isn the prblem, if you like looks the font code

mettzal commented Dec 1, 2012

no, thats not the preblem, if you like look the font code

mettzal commented Dec 1, 2012

not this isnt the problem, im sure, jquery is there,,
could be a conflict betwen js? not jquery cause wp n woocommerce use the same version, 1.7.2, of jquery?

Any updates here? Did you make sure jQuery was included?

This is probably because of you using $() notation instead of jQuery() notation. WordPress includes jQuery by default.

mettzal commented Dec 11, 2012

yes chris, im sure: jquery was included, normal n no conflict, dont work for us, we made another installation for the store :) n we used for it woocommerce plugin n wootheme :(

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