NavBar colors in the SASS Variables #1254

livejamie opened this Issue Dec 5, 2012 · 3 comments


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Would be nice if I could set the same kind of variables that I'm able to set to the Top Bar to the Nav Bar, unless there's an obvious way to do it in the variables that I'm missing.

There aren't currently variable for the nav-bar, only the top-bar. We're working on including lots more variable and settings for Foundation 4.0


Would it be worth taking the time to submit a pull request with this issue addressed, or should I just hold off for 4.0? This is something I would find very useful - currently having to override a bunch of color settings in the navbar, which would ideally be controllable through variables...

Definitely submit a PR if you'd like :) We'll continue to support 3 even after 4.0

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