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jartaud commented Dec 9, 2012

Can someone please check the line 6? I think this: (t=t.substring(1,t.length)) is screwing up the rest of code.
//Foundation.js, Orbit Plugin 1.4.0, FF 17.0.1 Ubuntu 12

1. setCaption:function(){
2.     var t=this.currentSlide().attr("data-caption"),n;
3.     if(!this.options.captions)return!1;
4.     if(t){
5.         if(e.trim(e(t).text()).length<1)return!1;
6.         t.charAt(0)=="#"&&(t=t.substring(1,t.length)) ,n=e(t).html(),this.$caption.attr("id",t).html(n);
7.         switch(this.options.captionAnimation){
8.             case"none":
9.                 this.$;
10.             break;
11.             case"fade":
12.                 this.$caption.fadeIn(this.options.captionAnimationSpeed);
13.             break;
14.             case"slideOpen":
15.                 this.$caption.slideDown(this.options.captionAnimationSpeed)
16.         }
17.     }else 
18.     switch(this.options.captionAnimation){
19.         case"none":
20.             this.$caption.hide();
21.         break;
22.         case"fade":
23.             this.$caption.fadeOut(this.options.captionAnimationSpeed);
24.         break;
25.         case"slideOpen":
26.             this.$caption.slideUp(this.options.captionAnimationSpeed)
27.     }
28. }

Just started using foundation, and I can corroborate that the captions are not showing up for me in the latest download (downloaded yesterday), which contains orbit 1.4. I've tried using the exact code that's on the playground site, which is running 1.2, and it doesn't work for me on 1.4. All that's displayed is an empty caption background, no text.

Just downloaded the current version (default css, 3.2.2) from and captions don't show up for me. Let me know if I can clarify anything about my environment that would make my input more useful.

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 12 51 04 AM

Update: problem exists in current Mac/Chrome and Mac/Firefox. There are no console errors in either browser.

Update 2: Ok so it looks like the vanilla download does show Orbit captions but the Custom CSS download does not...

mildfuzz commented Jan 7, 2013

Can anyone tell me which version of the gem I can revert to to make this work again?

I have the same problem with gem version 3.2.3. To have it work you can downgrade to the version 3.2.2, that is working for me :)

mildfuzz commented Jan 9, 2013

I forked and fixed the repo,

On 9 Jan 2013, at 18:50, seraphinmiranda wrote:

I have the same problem with gem version 3.2.3. To have it work you can
downgrade to the version 3.2.2, that is working for me :)

Reply to this email directly or view it on

@mildfuzz Are you going to keep the repository updated?
Maybe you can do a pull request with all your updates :)

Submitted :)

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