Image path for Orbit not working #1271

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I'm not 100% sure if this is an issue or not but not sure where best place to post is, so apologies if it isn't.

I can't seem to alter the path to the orbit images. I've set relative assets to true. I've incorporated Foundation in to the Laravel framework and have the following structure:

  • root/public/js/foundation
  • root/public/sass
  • root/public/css
  • root/public/img/foundation/orbit

I have the following in config.rb:
images_dir = "public/img"
generated_images_path = "public/img/sprites"
http_generated_images_path = "/img/sprites"

But the request for the Orbit image files is going to:

  • root/css/public/public/img/foundation/orbit/image-name.png

Nothing I change in config.rb seems to change this, does it get cached? What/where to I need to change or add to get this pointing to the Orbit image files please?


mhayes commented Dec 11, 2012

It sounds like everything is configured correctly. Do you have a link to your source available somewhere?

Thanks for the reply.

The source is here: and app is here:


mhayes commented Dec 11, 2012

I think I found your issue, take a look at my PR:


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