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Hi everyone,

i have a problem with ie7 and the width of my columns, but everything is ok with ie8.

When i look into the source code of my page, here is what i get :

  • for ie8, the width is correctly set (ex : .row .six : 49%)
  • for ie7, i have the class .columns overriding the width percentage with width : auto !important

This columns property in my css is called via a media queries : @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) (line 1183 of foundation.css)

I really don't get why i have this difference of interpretation between ie7 and ie8, and more important, i don't know how to fix this !!

Thanks for your help !


Is there a page we can see? Might be a specificity conflict we haven't found yet.

@smileyj68 smileyj68 closed this Apr 2, 2012

sorry, i was not around for a while...
No i can't give you an url, but is you want i can send you some code....

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