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zslabs commented Jul 3, 2012

Hi all,
Trying to make the transition from Twitter Boostrap to Foundation - but am finding adding Foundation into Codekit quite difficult. It looks like the way Foundation imports in files is a bit different than I'm used to with Boostrap - so if anyone have any pointers on this I'd really appreciate it. Seems like Codekit is the way to go for local dev nowadays and wanted to see if anyone has any experience with that. Thanks!

We're looking into this problem and should have an answer for you soon!

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zslabs commented Jul 3, 2012

Thanks Chris - I really appreciate. Very excited to start using Foundation!


envex commented Jul 3, 2012

Bootstrap uses LESS, Foundation uses scss.

Are you sure you're using the right area in codekit when setting up your project?

Ok, I downloaded Codekit and got it working. Here's the steps I took:

  • Find where your gems live by running sudo gem environment in the command line, Then look for the gem paths.
  • Go into Codekit prefs, click on Sass/Scss
  • Click on "Use the Sass Executable at this path:" and then navigate to the bin folder at the gem path you found earlier.
  • Select sass.bin
  • Move over to the Compass tab and follow the same steps, choosing your local copy from the bin folder in you gem path.
  • Refresh Codekit and voila!

zslabs commented Jul 3, 2012

Whew! Takes a bit more than I'm used to (from using LESS) to get up and running with SASS - thanks for the writeup and I'll give it a shot!

Well this is just for using CodeKit, which isn't perfect. Using the command line is relatively simple with Sass/Compass. Let us know if you get it working!

elado commented Nov 5, 2012

Got here from google. Important to mention that if you use RVM, you have to install gems to system ruby

$ rvm system
$ sudo gem install zurb-foundation

and point to the bins under /usr/bin.

@elado Thanks for posting this! Saved me tons of time! This is my first attempt with any preprocessor.

boulara commented Dec 6, 2012

@elado Thanks for posting!

Spot on! Thanks

I'm having an issue with this as well...

Before I begin, I should not that this is my work computer and I don't have root level access (no access to sudo gem install), so I had to install ruby gems to my $HOME directory.

I was able to point Codekit to an external SASS compiler, located in my local gem directory, but when I try the same with Compass, I get the error below.


I know I'm pointing to the correct bin because when I run 'which compass', it returns the same directory where sass.bin was located.


I should note that SASS and Compass work fine when running via the terminal.


ghost commented Apr 27, 2013

I need the answer for mattymess' comment...anyone?

@balameb I actually wasn't able to get it working with a local Compass bin. I had to install compass using 'sudo' to get codekit to recognize it. If you need to use Foundation in your project, you can always just use the SASS source instead of the gem. Unfortunately, you'd need to make any updates manually if Zurb were to make any. Best of luck.

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