Checklist, Qualifications, and References for New Mutation Observation Trigger #9320

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Checklist, Qualifications, and References for New Mutation Observation Trigger

This issue will act as the checklist for Foundation Plugins that require integration of DOM mutation observation, qualification requirements, and as a bug issue reference point.


Mutation observation has been added to 6.3 in triggers, meaning all plugins have access to async triggers for DOM mutation and can key self-functions off the event change. Types of changes we can observe are the additions and removals of child nodes, parent/child relationships, and changes to the style attribute. Practically speaking, there is a number of "display none show hide" bug issues of plugins not correctly displaying that the implementation of this will mitigate.


To see a demo of how this works and doesn't / currently works

What Qualifies As A Mutation Event

The following qualifies as events post document.load

  • Elements added / removed from the DOM
  • JS style attributes change
  • JS show / hide

Plugins to update

  • Tabs
  • Interchange
  • Equalizer
  • Accordion
  • Reveal
  • Magellan
  • Orbit
  • Sticky (PR #9462 )
  • Togglers and Responsive Nav (PR #9475 )

Related Issues

Please consolidate bug issues against this issue and not #9126

kball commented Nov 15, 2016

I'm going to take a look at this for slider and see if it will fix #8391

kball commented Nov 18, 2016

Found a bug in drilldown menus (surfacing in responsive menus) that I believe mutation observers will fix. Adding them.

kball commented Nov 23, 2016

@coreysyms I noticed that the mutation observer implementation doesn't currently debounce... resulting in often getting lots of triggers all together. Can you add that?

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