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Foundation v6.5.1 (2018-11-15)

This version fixes the distribution files for the JavaScript plugins that were generated for the wrong version (ongoing v6.6.0 instead of released v6.5.0) and provide various bug fixes and documentation updates.

Changes from v6.5.0

  • πŸ› #11573 - Ensure Dropdown label to have an ID for a11y (@ncoden, #11572)
  • πŸ› #11579 - Cleanup "is-active" class in AccordionMenu when closed (@ncoden, #11383)
  • πŸ› #11581 - Fix arrow color in clear dropdown Button (@ncoden, #11581)
  • πŸ“– #11562 - Cleanup an invalid beacon in Grid docs (@xeptore)
  • πŸ“– #11564 - Add missing doc for the "$print-hrefs" setting (@ncoden)
  • 🚚 Reimport incorrectly imported patch for #11418 (16b8e38, previously 55e60ee).
  • 🚚 Regenerate JavaScript plugins distribution files to reflect the new version.


Special thanks to:

  • Daniel Ruf (@DanielRuf) for his assistance in issues and his reviews of pull requests.
  • Jeremy Englert (@JeremyEnglert) for his assistance in issues.

@ncoden ncoden released this Oct 30, 2018 · 11 commits to master-v6.5 since this release

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Foundation v6.5.0 (2018-10-30)


It's happening! Foundation 6.5.0 is out now and is ready for production use! This release is based on v6.5.0-rc.4 and simply provides additional fixes in the documentation and an improved test flow.

As this version was built to have the best compatibility with v6.4.4-rc1, we used a dedicated branch and manually picked safe changes from the development branch develop, excluding API evolutions and breaking changes. These imported changes are the Use pull request #xxx commits you can see in this pull request. Development will continue on develop and will lead to a future release with all changes, including new features and breaking changes.

See the Release Notes

Changes from v6.5.0-rc.4

  • πŸ“– #11545 - Fix plugins instantiation examples in Javascript docs (@ncoden)
  • πŸ“– #11548 - Fix "Converts" misspelling in -zf-bp-serialize docs (@joshwhatk)
  • πŸ“– #11549 - Make Callout closable in the first Close Button example (@ncoden)
  • 🚨 #11550 - Run Sass unit tests in the Travis CI flow (@ncoden)
  • 🚨 #11561 - Run tests on Node 6, 8, 10 and stable (@DanielRuf)
  • πŸ’» #11560 - Update dependencies (2018-10-24) (@ncoden)


Special thanks to:

  • Daniel Ruf (@DanielRuf) for his assistance in issues and his reviews of pull requests.
  • Kai Falkowski (@SassNinja) for his assistance in issues and his reviews of pull requests.
  • Katerina Limpitsouni (https://undraw.co) for the assets used in the illustration.

@ncoden ncoden released this Oct 13, 2018 · 25 commits to master-v6.5 since this release

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Foundation v6.5.0-rc.4 (2018-10-13)

⚠️ This version is a Release Candidate and is intended for developers to test the new release with their project and environment and report regressions if any. It is not recommended for an usage in production.

Changes from v6.5.0-rc.3


Special thanks to:


@ncoden ncoden released this Sep 22, 2018 · 1170 commits to develop since this release

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Foundation v6.5.0-rc.3 (2018-09-22)

⚠️ This version is a Release Candidate and is intended for developers to test the new release with their project and environment and report regressions if any. It is not recommended for an usage in production.

Changes from v6.5.0-rc.2



  • πŸ› #11393 - Make matchMedia a global polyfill for IE compatibility (@DanielRuf, #11358)
  • 🚚 #11394 - Add sourcemaps for minified plugins to distribution files (@ncoden)
  • 🚚 #11445 - Improve support and documentation for tree shaking (@ncoden)
  • πŸ’» #11444 - Fix Gulp watch task blocking following tasks (@aorinevo, #11443)
  • πŸ’» #11454 - Refactor Gulp tasks to not rely on the unsuitable "finish" event (@ncoden, #11452)
  • πŸ’» #11466 - Simplify GitHub templates for issues & pull requests (@ncoden)
  • πŸ’» #11491 - Update docs styles when SCSS change in Gulp watch task (@ncoden)
  • πŸ“¦ #11419 - Update dependencies (2018-07-26) (@ncoden)
  • πŸ“¦ #11488 - Update dependencies (2018-09-03) (@ncoden)




@ncoden ncoden released this Jul 10, 2018 · 1170 commits to develop since this release

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Foundation v6.5.0-rc.2 (2018-07-10)

⚠️ This version is a Release Candidate and is intended for developers to test the new release with their project and environment and report regressions if any. It is not recommended for an usage in production.

Changes from v6.5.0-rc.1

  • Components
    Β Β πŸ› #11104 - Fix radius on Input Group labels and buttons (@andycochran, #8833)
    Β Β πŸ› #11361 - Fix invalid gutters for vertical XY Grid auto/shrink cells (@ncoden, #11359)
    Β Β πŸ› #11366 - Fix window event listeners being removed in various components (@ncoden, #11360)
    Β Β πŸ› #11381 - Provide global Foundation.MediaQuery initialized (@ncoden, #10363)

  • Internal
    Β Β πŸ› #11350 - Fix and update Bower configuration (@ncoden)
    Β Β πŸ› #11356 - Resolve invalid conflict resolution #11077 (@DanielRuf, #11355)
    Β Β πŸ› #11367 - Fix invalid JSON in Bower package configuration (@ncoden, #11364)
      🚚 #11346 - Fix completion callback called too many time in Gulp deploy task (@ncoden)
    Β Β πŸ’» #11352 - Resolve jQuery devDependency CVE (@ncoden)
    Β Β πŸ“¦ #11389 - Update dependencies (2018-07-06) and migrate to Gulp v4 (@ncoden)
    Β Β πŸ’Ž #11368 - Always use typeof for checking undefined values (@DanielRuf, #11363)
    Β Β πŸ’Ž #11379 - Use @else if instead of deprecated @elseif (@jblandry)

  • Documentation
    Β Β πŸ“– #11373 - Fix data-animate attribute in Responsive Toggle documentation (@rlhawk, #11372)
    Β Β πŸ“– #11377 - Fix ignored Dropdown Menu $dropdownmenu-background setting (@rlhawk, #11376)
    Β Β πŸ“– #11378 - Improve GitFlow model for supported versions (@ncoden)
    Β Β πŸ“– #11382 - Add a notice about required CSS in Media Query documentation (@ncoden, #11374)



@ncoden ncoden released this Jun 24, 2018 · 1170 commits to develop since this release

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Foundation v6.5.0-rc.1 (2018-06-25)

Here we go! Foundation 6.5.0 (Release Candate 1) is out now and comes with a lot of bug fixes and various improvements! This release is mainly focused on stabilizing the previous release, improving accessibility and browser support and making the integration with your project easier. New features were delayed to the next release to ensure the best compatibility with v6.4.4-rc1. Check out the details below.

⚠️ This version is a Release Candidate and it intended for developers to test the new release with their project and environment and report regressions if any. It is not recommended for an usage in production.


  • 🌟 Improved Stability: 70+ bugs resolved!

    We worked hard to resolve over 70 bugs across all our components. This includes fixes for visual and functional bugs, resolved crashes and Sass compilation errors and improved integration, reusability and ease of customization in various environments and complex use cases.

  • πŸ™ˆ Improved Accessibility (#10699, #11052, #11167, #11099)

    We improved the accessibility of Abide forms by a lot! Most a11y attributes are now automatically set on form fields, labels and errors according to their relations. We also fixed the aria attributes of Toogler and all menu plugins, and improved many plugin documentations to show in examples the best practices in terms of accessibility.

  • 🌎 Improved Browser Support (#10786, #11011, #11021, #11108, #11252)

    We fixed various bugs in IE11/Edge in navigation components, Slider and XY Grid, as well as an issue with the Reveal scroll in iOS Safari. For consistency reasons, we revised our browser CSS compatibility table and improved support for iOS Safari >= 7. On the other hand, Android Browser < 4.4 is not supported anymore.

  • πŸš€ New Accordion parentLink option (#10616)

    With the parentLink option, you can now automatically include the parent link at the top of an Accordion sub-menu like for Drilldown.

  • ✨ Matching help for standard input and input group (#10602)

    We changed the Input Group height calculation to match the standard input height. You may have to take a look at your forms after upgrading.

  • ✨ Better keyboard shortcuts for Dropdown (#10715, #11123)

    If a Dropdown trigger is an input or a textarea, Space does not open the Dropdown anymore. Also, an opened Dropdown is now closed with Space/Enter if nothing can be focused in it.

  • ✨ Improved Abide URL validation pattern (#11116)

    We changed the Abide validation pattern for URL so it is more permissive and supports various protocols and escaped characters. We recommend you to check if it still fulfills your needs before upgrading. You can always use the old URL pattern as a custom pattern.

  • πŸ› Fixed various bugs with dynamically created component (#11077, #10988)

    Components could be incorrecly initialized when dynamically created as they were waiting for the page load event (which was already called before). We fixed this and now fully support dynamically created components after the page loaded.

  • πŸ› Fixed various bugs causing a "gap" between breakpoints (#10978, #11315)

    A "gap" between breakpoints could appear with both or none breakpoints where considered as the "current one" due to the way some old browsers round values or when a smaller global font size was used.
    We changed this gap size to ensure the best browser compatibility and support smaller font size.

  • 🚚 UMD Bundling (#10864, #10911, #10930)

    Foundation is now distributed as an UMD package! Babel is no longer required and you can now import Foundation with ES6, RequireJS, Node.js or as a global variable.

  • 🚚 Sourcemaps everywhere! (#10998, #11012)

    No one likes debugging in minified code. All Foundation JavaScript and CSS distribution files now comes with sourcemap files, including individual plugin files.

  • πŸ“¦ jQuery and what-input are now peerDependencies (#11294)

    We think that like for most browser packages, you will want to only have one jQuery version installed and to choose its version by yourself. For this reason, jQuery and what-input should be exposed to you as peerDependencies. You should already have jQuery and what-input installed so Foundation will work the same way as before.

    Note for npm users: you may now have a warning message asking you to install these packages if you did not already. Please do so with versions we support: jquery@>=2.2.0 and what-input>=4.1.0.

All changes

This release comes with ~230 contributions like new features, improvements, bug fixes, documentation updates and maintenance tasks. This changelog uses the following emojis to describe contribution types.

Code changes Cleaning Maintenance
πŸ’₯ Breaking changes
πŸš€ Features
✨ Improvements
πŸ› Bug Fixes
πŸ› οΈ Refactoring
πŸ’Ž Linting
πŸ“– Documentation

πŸ’» Tools
πŸ“¦ Dependencies
🚚 Build files
🚨 Tests

Changes marked with RC were included in the previous unstable release candidate v6.4.4-rc1. They may have introduced new features and visual changes. If you have already migrated to Foundation v6.4.4-rc1 without encountering issues, you can safely migrate to v6.5.0.



  • Button
    πŸ“– #10830 - Fix typo in Button button-disabled() mixin documentation (@ncoden, #10783)

  • Button Group
    πŸ› #10703 - Prevent unstacked .stacked Button Group to expand without .expanded (@rafibomb, #10693)
    πŸ› #10815 - Use $button-palette for color modifier classes (@RudolfBos, #10576)
    πŸ› #10845 - Fix overlap on single button due to ignored spacing (@TheBnl)

  • Slider
    πŸ› #10594 - Fix Slider breaking when data-start setting has a trailing zero (@knabe, #10579) RC
    πŸ› #11108 - Fix Slider update on input keypress in IE 11 (@DanielRuf, #11096)






  • Flexbox Utilities
    πŸ› #10676 - Use $global-text-direction for Flexbox alignment utilities (@abdullahsalem, #10125) RC
    πŸ“– #10592 - Fix typos in Flexbox Utilities documentation (@powellian) RC

  • Prototyping Utilities
    πŸ› #10551 - Remove non-ASCII character unsupported by Sass (@IamManchanda, #10515) RC
    πŸ› #10632 - Fix rounded prototyping class for Switches (@IamManchanda, #10460) RC
    πŸ› οΈ #10625 - Refactor spacing classes in Prototyping utilities (@IamManchanda) RC
    πŸ“– #10632 - Remove canceled deprecation notice about Visibility Classes (@IamManchanda, #10540) RC
    πŸ“– #10709 - Fix typo in Prototyping documentation (@mziraki)

  • Sass Utilities
    ✨ #10479 - Add defaults for $foundation-palette colors (@arjenkroeze, #9833) RC
    ✨ #11103 - Improve $-zf-zero-breakpoint setting error message (@andycochran, #9268)
    πŸ› #10629 - Ensure that Sass breakpoint variables are always declared (@gaulrobe, #10628) RC
    πŸ› #10819 - Prevent leaking of $-zf-size after -zf-each-breakpoint() mixin (@ncoden, #10818)
    πŸ› #10914 - Remove clip-path from element-invisible mixin for performance issues (@ffoodd)
    πŸ“– #10785 - Fix typo in rem-calc function documentation (@IanCaunce)
    πŸ“– #11088 - Remove outdated rem-base deprecation note (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ“– #11249 - Fix various typos in Sass Utilities documentation (@datatypevoid)
    πŸ“– #11251 - Add missing space in color() function documentation (@datatypevoid)

  • JavaScript Utilities
    πŸ› #11258 - Prevent to initialize Triggers twice before window load (@ncoden)
    πŸ› #10639 - Fix polyfills for dragging events in Touch Utilities (@TakteS, #10639) RC
    🚨 #10941 - Add units tests for Foundation.getFnName() (@dragthor)
    🚨 #10990 - Remove tests for widely supported inferred names in Foundation.getFnName() (@DanielRuf)

Global / Miscellaneous

  • Global
    πŸ› #10729 - Use jQuery .on() instead of deprecated .load() (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ› #10978 - Fix breakpoint precision issue with a smaller global font size (@JasonMiller, #10820)
    πŸ› #11011 - Fix watching for hash changes in IE/Edge (@ncoden, #10771)
    πŸ› #11077 - Fix watching for events when dynamically created after page load (@ncoden & @DanielRuf)
    πŸ› #11315 - Use low-enough breakpoint precision to avoid rounding by browsers (@ncoden, #11313)
    🚚 #10856 - Sort Sass components following their complexity and dependencies (@ncoden, 10854)
    🚚 #10864 - Bundle JS assets as UMD modules (@ncoden)
    🚚 #10911 - Temporary disable UMD bundling (@ncoden)
    🚚 #10930 - Fix and re-enable UMD bundling (@ncoden)
    🚚 #10998 - Include sourcemaps in distribution files (@DanielRuf)
    🚚 #11012 - Add sourcemaps for plugins and minified files (@ncoden, #10999)
    πŸ’» #11021 - Drop Android < 4.4 and ensure support for iOS Safari >= 7 (@DanielRuf)

  • TypeScript
    πŸ› #10807 - Fix Keyboard util TypeScript declaration (@Anidetrix)
    πŸ› #11274 - Allow any types for jQuery Foundation method arguments (@ncoden, #11193)

  • Internal
    πŸ› #10908 - Fix RegExpEscape definition in Foundation object (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ› #10917 - Fix RegExpEscape export as an external (@ncoden, #10916)
    🚚 #10998 - Add CSS sourcemaps to dist files (@DanielRuf)
    🚚 #11205 - Fix gulp task sequences due to missing callback (@ncoden)
    πŸ’» #10631 - Add XY Grid styles to documentation (@kball) RC
    πŸ’» #11073 - Migrate dependencies from Bower to npm (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ’» #11083 - Remove deprecated Sass mixins (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ’» #11144 - Migrate to jsDelivr from CDNjs (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ’» #11175 - Move documentation changes to develop Git branch (@ncoden)
    πŸ’» #11268 - Revise Eyeglass compatibility range to >=0.8.0 (@ncoden)
    πŸ’» #11269 - Move TypeScript definitions source file out of distribution folder (@ncoden)
    πŸ’» #11316 - Update Browserify transform config & factorize browserslist configs (@ncoden)
    πŸ’» #11349 - Revise Meteor fourseven:scss compatibility to support Meteor<1.4.1 support (@ncoden)
    🚨 #11210 - Clean components and focus after tests (@ncoden)
    🚨 #11275 - Add delay before testing focus to give IE time to render elements (@ncoden)
    🚨 #11333 - Increase mocha tests timeout to run on slow browsers and workers (@ncoden)
    πŸ“¦ #10591 - Update Webpack to v3 (@kball, #10584) RC
    πŸ“¦ #10823 - Update Babel dependencies (@ncoden)
    πŸ“¦ #10825 - Update fourseven:scss dependency (@raym)
    πŸ“¦ #10942 - Update foundation-docs dependency (@ncoden)
    πŸ“¦ #10944 - Migrate to mocha-headless-chrome from mocha-phantomjs for tests (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ“¦ #10984 - Update dependencies with known vulnerabilities (CVE) (@ncoden)
    πŸ“¦ #11036 - Update eslint and gulp-eslint dependencies to v4 (@colin-marshall)
    πŸ“¦ #11086 - Migrate to normalize.css v8.0.0 from normalize-scss (@ncoden, #11015)
    πŸ“¦ #11119 - Clean and update all dependencies (@ncoden)
    πŸ“¦ #11292 - Update foundation-docs dependency to get new ClipboardJS naming (@ncoden)
    πŸ“¦ #11294 - Move jquery and what-input to peerDependencies (@ncoden, #11290)
    πŸ“¦ #11308 - Remove unused devDependencies dateformat and gaze (@ncoden)
    πŸ“¦ #11317 - Update Babel dependencies to v7 (@ncoden)
    πŸ“¦ #11334 - Update dependencies June 2018 (@ncoden)
    πŸ’Ž #11176 - Remove extraneous space in Travis CI config (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ’Ž #11227 - Fix Sass linting errors (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ’Ž #11231 - Remove obsolete sass-lint comments (@DanielRuf)

  • Development
    πŸ’» #10599 - Add JSHint configuration with ES6 support (@IamManchanda) RC
    πŸ’» #11003 - Run tests on latest Node.js LTS/stable releases (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ’» #11090 - Various improvements for Travis tests (@ncoden)
    πŸ’» #11111 - Run tests before commits and pushes with Husky (@DanielRuf, #11042)
    πŸ’» #11120 - Prevent commits and pushes when tests are failing with Husky (@ncoden)
    πŸ’» #11174 - Run tests with npm ci when supported (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ’» #11197 - Lint commit messages before committing with Husky (@ncoden)
    πŸ’» #11208 - Run tests with devDependencies instead of embedded packages (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ’» #11246 - Add GitHub multiple issue templates (@ncoden)

  • Documentation
    πŸ“– #10500 - Fix closable Callout close button in Kitchen Sink (@danclayton50) RC
    πŸ“– #10519 - Fix typo in deprecation notices (@Odaeus) RC
    πŸ“– #10536 - Fix typo on "Foundation" in Media Query documentation (@AnaghSharma) RC
    πŸ“– #10632 - Move Utilities classes to their own section in documentation menu (@IamManchanda) RC
    πŸ“– #10670 - Update outdated Foundation version in documentation menu (@IamManchanda, #10669) RC
    πŸ“– #10681 - Fix path to JavaScript source folder in installation documentation (@grantcarthew) RC
    πŸ“– #10698 - Fix autoprefixer documentation in Sass setup (@pdeffendol)
    πŸ“– #10710 - Remove unnecessary bower install from ZURB Template installation (@skadzielawa)
    πŸ“– #10719 - Fix typo in JavaScript documentation (@artbypravesh)
    πŸ“– #10720 - Add jsDelivr badge to README (@LukasDrgon)
    πŸ“– #10822 - Update sub-ressources integrity (@ncoden)
    πŸ“– #10831 - Update copyright notices to 2018 (@benhc123)
    πŸ“– #10835 - Fix typo in Foundation Classes promotional messages (@gpaumier)
    πŸ“– #10839 - Fix typo Inc. instead of inc. in Copyright notices (@benhc123)
    πŸ“– #10847 - Improve Sass/JS installation and setup documentation (@ncoden)
    πŸ“– #10848 - Improve Sass installation documentation for npm users (@jnystromdesign)
    πŸ“– #10866 - Improve Grids setup documentation (@ncoden, #10843)
    πŸ“– #10874 - Improve GitFlow documentation (@ncoden)
    πŸ“– #10925 - Update ZURB template JavaScript documentation (@ncoden, #10353)
    πŸ“– #10928 - Fix typo in installation documentation (@wolfbeisz)
    πŸ“– #10948 - Fix yarn command in installation documentation (@jnystromdesign)
    πŸ“– #10959 - Remove obsolete bower command in installation documentation (@DanielRuf, #10790)
    πŸ“– #10977 - Fix broken link to XY Grid (@ocularrhythm)
    πŸ“– #10986 - Fix broken links to Float Grid and Installation (@ncoden, #10985)
    πŸ“– #11005 - Fix SRI hashes of CDN assets (@DanielRuf, #11004)
    πŸ“– #11023 - Add Edge to the compatibility table (@DanielRuf, #10299)
    πŸ“– #11034 - Migrate documentation examples to XY Grid (@colin-marshal, #11028)
    πŸ“– #11040 - Add Rails in installation documentation (@ncoden)
    πŸ“– #11060 - Use double quotes for HTML attributes in documentation examples (@ocularrhythm & @ncoden)
    πŸ“– #11075 - Improve deepLink setting documentation (@ncoden)
    πŸ“– #11089 - Fix check for flexbox label in component list (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ“– #11110 - Fix plugin destroy method name in documentation (@DanielRuf)
    πŸ“– #11178 - Improve README.md and contribuion guidelines (@ncoden)
    πŸ“– #11238 - Fix wrong word for cues in Accessibility documentation (@danielrhodeswarp)
    πŸ“– #11240 - Add Edge to the flexbox browser list (@ncoden, from #11239)
    πŸ“– #11262 - Fix colliding IDs in Kitchen Sink (@brianshano)
    πŸ“– #11326 - Fix "knowledge" typo on Customizer page (@mapx)


Big thanks to our 75 amazing contributors who helped to make Foundation even better. Foundation wouldn't happen without you! Also thanks to our 87 others contributors who worked on new features, your contributions will be released in the next version.

[227] - Nicolas Coden (@ncoden)
Β [95] - Daniel Ruf (@DanielRuf)
Β [20] - Kevin Ball (@kball)
Β [27] - Harry Manchanda (@IamManchanda)
Β [18] - RafiBomb (@rafibomb)
Β [12] - Marius Olbertz (@Owlbertz)
Β Β [5] - Kai Falkowski (@SassNinja)
Β Β [4] - Colin Marshall (@colin-marshall)
Β Β [4] - David Niciforovic
Β Β [3] - Aaron Arney (@ocularrhythm)
Β Β [3] - colinmackinlay (@colinmackinlay)
Β Β [3] - danclayton50 (@danclayton50)
Β Β [3] - JasonMiller (@JasonMiller)
Β Β [3] - Joakim Nystrom (@jnystromdesign)
Β Β [2] - alliclemens (@alliclemens)
Β Β [2] - Ben Holden-Crowther (@benhc123)
Β Β [2] - Daniel Rhodes (@danielrhodeswarp)
Β Β [2] - David Newman
Β Β [2] - Grant Carthew (@grantcarthew)
Β Β [2] - Kamil BreguΕ‚a (@mik-laj)
Β Β [2] - Kerry (@flatline-studios)
Β Β [2] - Martin Hofmann (@Martskin)
Β Β [2] - Nicolas Venegas (@nicolasv)
Β Β [2] - Raymond Young (@raym)
Β Β [2] - Stefan Lisper
Β Β [1] - Abdullah Salem (@abdullahsalem)
Β Β [1] - Adam Klepacz (@adamklepacz)
Β Β [1] - Anagh Sharma (@AnaghSharma)
Β Β [1] - Andrew France (@Odaeus)
Β Β [1] - Andy Cochran (@andycochran)
Β Β [1] - Anton Kudryavtsev (@Anidetrix)
Β Β [1] - Arjen Kroeze (@arjenkroeze)
Β Β [1] - ArtbyPravesh (@artbypravesh)
Β Β [1] - Bhupinder Singh (@u671175)
Β Β [1] - Bram de Leeuw (@TheBnl)
Β Β [1] - Brett Mason (@brettsmason)
Β Β [1] - Brian Shanley (@brianshano)
Β Β [1] - Chris (@paxperscientiam)
Β Β [1] - Corey Snyder (@coreysyms)
Β Β [1] - Dinis Correia (@diniscorreia)
Β Β [1] - GaΓ«l Poupard (@ffoodd)
Β Β [1] - Guillaume Paumier (@gpaumier)
Β Β [1] - Ian Caunce (@IanCaunce)
Β Β [1] - Jeremy Englert
Β Β [1] - Jesse Doyle (@jessedoyle)
Β Β [1] - JuanMME (@JuanMME)
Β Β [1] - koki-higashikawa
Β Β [1] - Kristofer Krause (@dragthor)
Β Β [1] - Lukas Drgon (@LukasDrgon)
Β Β [1] - Luke Arentz (@svenkle)
Β Β [1] - Mahdi Ziraki (@mziraki)
Β Β [1] - Mehdi Kabab (@piouPiouM)
Β Β [1] - Nic Winn (@nicwinn)
Β Β [1] - Olena Pastushenko (@lirael)
Β Β [1] - Osman Gormus (@gormus)
Β Β [1] - Pete Deffendol (@pdeffendol)
Β Β [1] - Petr TomΓ‘Ε‘ek (@GITTomy)
Β Β [1] - powellian (@powellian)
Β Β [1] - r.bos
Β Β [1] - Richard Taylor (@farrago)
Β Β [1] - Rick Hawkins (@rlhawk)
Β Β [1] - Robert Gaul (@gaulrobe)
Β Β [1] - Robert Martin (@rbrtmrtn)
Β Β [1] - Roy (@RvWensen)
Β Β [1] - Shaun Simmons (@simshaun)
Β Β [1] - skadzielawa (@skadzielawa)
Β Β [1] - TakteS (@TakteS)
Β Β [1] - therufa (@therufa)
Β Β [1] - Tom (@knabe)
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Oct 4, 2017
Prepare 6.4.4-rc1

@kball kball released this Aug 18, 2017 · 1305 commits to develop since this release

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This quick patch release fixes a couple missing semicolons in the scss that were not impacting node-sass but were preventing webpack scss builds from working properly in 6.4.2.

@kball kball released this Aug 10, 2017 · 1308 commits to develop since this release

Assets 2

The 6.4.2 release contains both a series of bugfixes and some incremental improvements, particularly focused on the new XY Grid as we get more and more folks using it in the wild. Big shoutout to our @hikouki as one of our newer contributors who jumped in with quite a few different bug fixes, docs updates, and improvements!

Migration Notes:

  • Grid containers for the XY grid have been reworked based on issues and feed back. This is a big one, and a big improvement. Check out the docs for more: http://foundation.zurb.com/sites/docs/xy-grid.html
  • There was a naming conflict between the $block-grid-max variable for xy and regular grids, meaning you could not have both in with different values. The xy-grid setting has been separated out toΒ $xy-block-grid-max. If you have changed the value ofΒ $block-grid-maxΒ and are using the xy-grid, you should updateΒ $xy-block-grid-max.

Updates and Improvements

  • Rework grid container: #10371
  • Button cursors are now configurable via settings: #10367
  • Abide options now merge recursively, fixing issues adding validators: #10377
  • Enable defining different off-canvas sizes by breakpoint: #10428


  • Fix rounded prototype when breakpoint enabled: #10335
  • Remove duplicate max-width: #10341
  • Fix dropdown arrow position issues when using responsive nav: #10345
  • Fix typescale issues building with ruby-sass: #10351
  • Fix bug on Orbit resize during transition: #9881
  • Fix boundary values for vertical two-handle sliders: #10355
  • Fix distributed version of media query to automatically initialize: #10369
  • Fix off-canvas reveal classes not working properly in 6.4.x: #10421
  • Fix cell() sass mixin gutter output: #10437
  • Rename $block-grid-max variable to get rid of duplicate name problem: #10433
  • Drilldown aria attribute fixed from β€˜menu-item’ to correct β€˜menu item’: #10434
  • Add missing 7th argument to xy-cell mixing within xy-grid-layout: #10435
  • Fix responsive shrink and full classes in xy-grid: #10370
  • Fix scrolling bug when using keyboard nav in dropdown menus: #10445
  • Fix reinitialization of menus: #10439
  • Fix use of dropdown with multiple anchors: #10360
  • Fix use of margin grids with grid frames: #10448
  • Fix JSPM Entry Point: #10465
  • Fix medium-up breakpoint class bug introduced in 6.4: #10491
  • Fix collapse responsive sizing bug in xy grid: #10492
  • Remove text-decoration from link buttons: #10471
  • Fix sizing of input-group buttons: #10456
  • Fix triggers initialization in customizer builds: #10507
  • Fix no-wrap issue in menus with very long items introduced in 6.4 menu rework: #10512
  • Fix vertical grid auto and shrink classes trumping size classes: #10513
Aug 2, 2017
Package rc2