@kball kball released this Dec 1, 2016 · 278 commits to develop since this release


To install with npm: npm install foundation-sites@6.3.0-rc1
To install with bower: bower install zurb/foundation-sites#v6.3.0-rc1

To try out with the ZURB template, git clone -b v6.3 git@github.com:zurb/foundation-zurb-template.git

Migration Notes:

  • Flex Videos are now Responsive Embeds. Old classes and mixin names are now deprecated. Check out #8765
  • Accordion Items now MUST be labeled with data-accordion-item, they are no longer inferred from li elements. Check out #9178
  • The dist directory structure has changed. CSS files now live in dist/css, JS files in dist/js. Check out #9078
  • The default color palette has changed to be meet AA contrast requirements. This has changed both defaults and a number scss variables and functions. Check out #9319 (comment)
  • In order to facilitate vertical rhythm layouts, the old $header-sizes map has been replaced with a more general $header-styles map. $header-styles map not only allows to set the font-size, but also line-height, margin-top and margin-bottom per header size and breakpoint. $header-sizes still works, however, it is going to be depreciated. If $header-sizes is present in your _settings.scss it overrides any $header-styles map. Check out #9419

New Components:

  • Cards - see #9215
  • Responsive Accordion Tabs - see #8774

Super cool enhancements:

  • Completely reworked Off Canvas - see #9357
  • Mutation Observers! (components like tabs and equalizer automatically adjusting when their content changes) - see #9126 and #9320
  • Vertical Rhythm Support - see #9419
  • Improved Print Style Control - see #9304
  • Autoresizing Drilldowns - see #8699
  • Deep linking to tabs - see #9242 and #9407

⚠️ Warning: This version contains a bug with SCSS dependencies. If you want to import scss/foundation.scss in you Sass, you have to manually import our dependency normalize-scss (6.0.0) before. See #9469 and #9458 for the discussion. This bug is fixed in v6.3.0-rc2.

Changelog coming soon.